Cognition & Computers

Are you curious about how human or animal brains work? Fascinated by artificial intelligence, robots, or computer coding? If so, the Cognitive Science Program may be a good fit for you. Our program offers flexibility, hands-on participation in research, and a vibrant, interdisciplinary learning environment.

Cognitive science is an exciting and rapidly evolving field that deals with complex cognition, intelligent systems, and the emergent behavior of large-scale computational systems. It synthesizes aspects of a wide variety of disciplines, including psychology, artificial intelligence, robotics, linguistics, philosophy, and neuroscience.

The goals of our program include gaining a better understanding of the human mind. We examine how humans teach and learn, and study their considerable mental abilities. We also explore the development of intelligent machines that either simulate or augment the capabilities of human minds in illuminating ways.

You will be given training in the nature of knowledge and intelligence, in the neural mechanisms underlying complex capacities, and in the exciting advances in computational techniques to model these capacities. Our degrees offer the conceptual framework and technical skills necessary for careers in research, teaching, business, and government.

We are part of the College of Arts + Sciences

A degree in Cognitive Science provides students with the foundational skills of a liberal arts education, which are prized by employers and vital to a 21st-century career.

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Preparation for a meaningful career

Your degree will provide you with a diverse set of skills and knowledge, preparing you for a variety of work environments. We offer and encourage participation in internships.

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