An interdisciplinary + evolving field

Cognitive science explores the nature of intelligent systems, focusing on formal theories of mind and information. As scholars in the discipline, we seek a better understanding of mind, learning, teaching, and cognitive skills. We are also interested in the development of intelligent systems designed to augment human capacities in constructive ways.

Our field is inherently interdisciplinary—with contributions from computer science, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, linguistics, biology, anthropology, and other domains. Both natural intelligence (in humans and in animals) and artificial intelligence fall within the scope of inquiry. Our research deals with aspects of complex cognition, computational models of thought processing, knowledge representation, dynamics of real-world engagement, and the emergent behavior of large-scale interacting systems.

Undergraduate research job opportunities

The Cognitive Science Program has established an online Undergraduate Research Fair specifically to help our undergraduates find opportunities for important experience in Indiana University labs.

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