Honors Program

Our honors program

If you are interested in pursuing graduate study, you should give serious consideration to the Cognitive Science honors program. An honors degree is likely to give you an advantage if you plan to apply to graduate school, communicating your commitment, motivation, and advanced achievement.

In the honors program, you will gain research skills, in-depth knowledge of a particular cognitive science area, and working contact with individual faculty members. Completion of an independent project and an honors thesis allows you to transform your research interests into focused investigation, original project development, and coherent presentation of research results.

Requirements for honors

To earn an honors designation with your degree, you fulfill the requirements for the major and also complete an independent project and an honors thesis. You are required to have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.3 to be eligible for consideration, and then must maintain this minimum average to graduate with honors.

How to apply for honors

You can apply for admission to the honors program during your sophomore or junior year. Meet with your academic advisor to facilitate this, in conjunction with the director of undergraduate studies.

If you wish to combine honors projects in Cognitive Science and another department/program, you can apply to both areas and every attempt will be made to accommodate such a plan.

The application to honors is included in the Senior Thesis Research Guide.

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