Joint Ph.D. Degree

Use your Graduate Academic Bulletin

Students pursuing a graduate degree in Cognitive Science should use the University Graduate School Academic Bulletin.

Official requirements for our joint Ph.D. can be found by clicking on the Bulletin below:

2019-20: Cognitive Science University Graduate School Academic Bulletin

How to apply

Acceptance into the Joint Cognitive Science Ph.D. program is contingent upon admission into another degree-granting program at Indiana University Bloomington, hereafter referred to as the "originating discipline" or "originating department." Students must apply to the originating department, informing them that they also intend to join the Joint Cognitive Science Ph.D. Program. Students will need submit an electronic application for graduate admission to a dual degree in Cognitive Science. Students will need to include with the online application: Application to Change from a Single to a Double Major for the PhD degree form, the Advisory Committee form for a dual major, and a goal statement addressing their aims in both majors (1-2 pages). Students are required to make such a request prior to their qualification exams. Please contact Susan Palmer for additional information (