Internship Course Credit

Course credit for internships

Q496 Internship in Professional Practice (1-6 credits)

To receive course credit for an internship, you must be at least a sophomore or have completed 15 credit hours in the cognitive science major or minor. You also need approval from the Cognitive Science Program. Once these prerequisites are met, you can register for Q496 Internship in Professional Practice (1-6 credits).

This course offers professional work experience in an industry or research organization setting, using the skills/knowledge you have acquired in cognitive science coursework. It requires a learning contract. Evaluation is conducted by the site supervisor and the Cognitive Science Program. This course does not count toward major or minor requirements, providing elective credit only. It may be repeated for a total of 6 credit hours. S/F grading. Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer.

You are encouraged to read the Internship Policy before applying for internship course credit. The policy document describes the philosophy and policies associated with internship course credit from the Cognitive Science Program.

Course materials

The course materials listed below are available online in PDF format.

  • Internship Policy
  • Internship Checklist
  • Internship Resources
  • Internship Interest Form
  • Application for Internship Credit
  • Q496 Learning Contract
  • Q496 Journal Assignment
  • Q496 Final Assignment
  • Midterm Evaluation Form
  • Final Evaluation Form
  • Internship Site Evaluation Form
  • Internship Employer Profile Form

Students will not be authorized to register for Cognitive Science Q496 Internship in Professional Practice until they have become familiar with the materials listed above and have met with the Cognitive Science Program undergraduate advisor.