Joint Ph.D. Degree

Joint Ph.D. in Cognitive Science + another discipline

The joint Ph.D. allows you to combine the interdisciplinary perspective of cognitive science with a solid foundation in a particular discipline, such as psychology, computer science, linguistics, or philosophy.

Acceptance into the joint Cognitive Science Ph.D. program is contingent on admission into the originating degree-granting program. You must first apply to the originating degree-granting program, informing that department you also intend to pursue the joint Cognitive Science Ph.D.

Students in our joint Ph.D. program satisfy all of the requirements for a Ph.D. in their originating discipline as well as the requirements for the degree specific to Cognitive Science.

There are no restrictions on what can count as the originating discipline for the joint Ph.D. We encourage students applying to departments such as Anthropology, Economics, History and Philosophy of Science, Instructional Systems Technology, Mathematics, Music Theory, Sociology, and Speech and Hearing Sciences to consider the joint Ph.D.


Students holding a B.A., B.S., or a more advanced degree are eligible for admission to the joint Ph.D. in Cognitive Science. You should have a strong background in a field relevant to the originating discipline. Strength in the natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science or computer programming and usage is highly desirable.

A research background and strong letters of recommendation are also important determinants of admission.

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