Hui Zhang

Hui Zhang

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science

Senior Research Analyst/Programmer, Advanced Visualization Lab


  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, 2008

Research interests

My research focuses on several areas involved with scientific visualization and HCI, including VR and virtual human modeling for studying embodied social interaction, the virtual exploration of a digitally animated universe, depiction of objects in higher dimensions, and the development of haptic(touch-based interfaces with force-feedback) approaches to the exploration of knots and math- ematical objects in three and four dimensions. I am also broadly interested user interface elements, e.g., pseudo-haptic interface for visualization, including illusion-based collision-sensing interface, and the improvement of 3D navigation using pseudo-haptic software technique.

Representative publications

Zhang, H. & Weng, J. (2002). Perceptualization of Geometry Using Intelligent Haptic and Visual Sensing. Proceedings of SPIE: Visualization and Data Analysis, 8654, 86540.