Zoran Tiganj

Zoran Tiganj

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science


Representative publications

A unified mathematical framework for coding time, space, and sequences in the hippocampal region (2014)
Marc W Howard, Christopher J MacDonald, Zoran Tiganj, Karthik H Shankar, Qian Du, Michael E Hasselmo ...
Journal of Neuroscience, 34 (13), 4692-4707

Time cells in hippocampal area CA3 (2016)
Daniel M Salz, Zoran Tiganj, Srijesa Khasnabish, Annalyse Kohley, Daniel Sheehan, Marc W Howard ...
Journal of Neuroscience, 36 (28), 7476-7484

Sequential firing codes for time in rodent medial prefrontal cortex (2016)
Zoran Tiganj, Min Whan Jung, Jieun Kim and Marc W Howard
Cerebral Cortex, 27 (12), 5663-5671

An algebraic method for eye blink artifacts detection in single channel EEG recordings (2010)
Zoran Tiganj, Mamadou Mboup, Christophe Pouzat and Lotfi Belkoura
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. 175-178

A simple biophysically plausible model for long time constants in single neurons (2015)
Zoran Tiganj, Michael E Hasselmo and Marc W Howard
Hippocampus, 25 (1), 27-37

Compressed timeline of recent experience in monkey lateral prefrontal cortex (2018)
Zoran Tiganj, Jason A Cromer, Jefferson E Roy, Earl K Miller and Marc W Howard
Journal of cognitive neuroscience, 30 (7), 935-950

A non-parametric method for automatic neural spike clustering based on the non-uniform distribution of the data (2011)
Zoran Tiganj and Mamadou Mboup
Journal of neural engineering, 8 (6), 66014

Spike detection and sorting: Combining algebraic differentiations with ica (2009)
Zoran Tiganj and Mamadou Mboup
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. 475-482

A neural microcircuit model for a scalable scale‐invariant representation of time (2019)
Yue Liu, Zoran Tiganj, Michael E Hasselmo and Marc W Howard
Hippocampus, 29 (3), 260-274

Is working memory stored along a logarithmic timeline? Converging evidence from neuroscience, behavior and models (2018)
Inder Singh, Zoran Tiganj and Marc W Howard
Neurobiology of learning and memory, 153 104-110

Neural spike sorting using iterative ICA and a deflation-based approach (2012)
Zoran Tiganj and Mamadou Mboup
Journal of neural engineering, 9 (6), 66002

Efficient Neural Computation in the Laplace Domain (2015)
Marc W Howard, Karthik H Shankar and Zoran Tiganj

Influence of extracellular oscillations on neural communication: a computational perspective (2014)
Zoran Tiganj, Sylvain Chevallier and Eric Monacelli
Frontiers in computational neuroscience, 8 9

Encoding the Laplace transform of stimulus history using mechanisms for persistent firing (2013)
Zoran Tiganj, Karthik H Shankar and Marc W Howard
BMC neuroscience, 14 (1), P356

Estimating scale-invariant future in continuous time (2019)
Zoran Tiganj, Samuel J Gershman, Per B Sederberg and Marc W Howard
Neural computation, 31 (4), 681-709