James Walker

James Walker

Professor, Economics


Representative publications

Rules, games, and common-pool resources (1994)
Elinor Ostrom, Roy Gardner, James Walker, James M Walker and Jimmy Walker
University of Michigan Press.

Covenants with and without a sword: Self-governance is possible (1992)
Elinor Ostrom, James Walker and Roy Gardner
American political science Review, 86 (2), 404-417

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R Mark Isaac and James M Walker
The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 103 (1), 179-199

Trust and reciprocity: Interdisciplinary lessons for experimental research (2003)
Elinor Ostrom and James Walker
Russell Sage Foundation.

Group size and the voluntary provision of public goods: Experimental evidence utilizing large groups (1994)
R Mark Isaac, James M Walker and Arlington W Williams
Journal of public Economics, 54 (1), Jan-36

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R Mark Isaac and James M Walker
Economic inquiry, 26 (4), 585-608

Divergent evidence on free riding: An experimental examination of possible explanations (1984)
R Mark Isaac, James M Walker and Susan H Thomas
Public choice, 43 (2), 113-149

Monetary rewards and decision cost in experimental economics (1993)
Vernon L Smith and James M Walker
Economic Inquiry, 31 (2), 245-261

The effect of rewards and sanctions in provision of public goods (2007)
Martin Sefton, Robert Shupp and James M Walker
Economic inquiry, 45 (4), 671-690

Theory and individual behavior of first-price auctions (1988)
James C Cox, Vernon L Smith and James M Walker
Journal of Risk and uncertainty, 1 (1), 61-99

The nature of common-pool resource problems (1990)
Roy Gardner, Elinor Ostrom and James M Walker
Rationality and society, 2 (3), 335-358

Reciprocity, trust, and the sense of control: A cross-societal study (1999)
Nahoko Hayashi, Elinor Ostrom, James Walker and Toshio Yamagishi
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The assurance problem in a laboratory market (1989)
R Mark Isaac, David Schmidtz and James M Walker
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The role of communication in resolving commons dilemmas: experimental evidence with heterogeneous appropriators (1994)
Steven Hackett, Edella Schlager and James Walker
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 27 (2), 99-126

Collective choice in the commons: Experimental results on proposed allocation rules and votes (2000)
James M Walker, Roy Gardner, Andrew Herr and Elinor Ostrom
The Economic Journal, 110 (460), 212-234