Thomas Schoenemann

Thomas Schoenemann

Professor, Anthropology

Departmental Liason to Cognitive Science, Anthropology

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Cognitive Science


Representative publications

Language is a complex adaptive system: Position paper (2009)
“Five Graces Group”, Clay Beckner, Richard Blythe, Joan Bybee, Morten H Christiansen, William Croft ...
Language learning, 59 26-Jan

Prefrontal white matter volume is disproportionately larger in humans than in other primates (2005)
P Thomas Schoenemann, Michael J Sheehan and L Daniel Glotzer
Nature neuroscience, 8 (2), 242

Evolution of the size and functional areas of the human brain (2006)
P Thomas Schoenemann
Annual Reviews. 35 379-406

Brain size does not predict general cognitive ability within families (2000)
P Thomas Schoenemann, Thomas F Budinger, Vincent M Sarich and William S-Y Wang
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 97 (9), 4932-4937

Lagrangian frame diffeomorphic image registration: Morphometric comparison of human and chimpanzee cortex (2006)
Brian B Avants, P Thomas Schoenemann and James C Gee
Medical image analysis, 10 (3), 397-412

Syntax as an emergent characteristic of the evolution of semantic complexity (1999)
P Thomas Schoenemann
Minds and Machines, 9 (3), 309-346

Brain size scaling and body composition in mammals (2004)
P Thomas Schoenemann
Brain, behavior and evolution, 63 (1), 47-60

Evolution of brain and language (2009)
P Thomas Schoenemann
Language Learning, 59 162-186

Evolutionary principles and the emergence of syntax (1996)
P Thomas Schoenemann and William S-Y Wang
Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 19 (4), 646-647

An MRI study of the relationship between human neuroanatomy and behavioral ability (1998)
Paul Thomas Schoenemann

Conceptual complexity and the brain: Understanding language origins (2005)
P Thomas Schoenemann
Language acquisition, change and emergence: Essays in evolutionary linguistics, 47-94

Validation of plaster endocast morphology through 3D CT image analysis (2007)
P Thomas Schoenemann, James Gee, Brian Avants, Ralph L Holloway, Janet Monge and Jason Lewis
American journal of physical anthropology, 132 (2), 183-192

Hominid brain evolution (2013)
P Thomas Schoenemann
A companion to paleoanthropology, 136-164

Brain scaling, behavioral ability, and human evolution (2001)
P Thomas Schoenemann
Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 24 (2), 293-295

Endocast morphology of Homo naledi from the Dinaledi Chamber, South Africa (2018)
Ralph L Holloway, Shawn D Hurst, Heather M Garvin, P Thomas Schoenemann, William B Vanti, Lee R Berger ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115 (22), 5738-5743