Jeffrey Stake

Jeffrey Stake

Departmental Liason to Cognitive Science, Law

Robert A. Lucas Chair, Law


Representative publications

The property ‘instinct’ (2004)
S Zeki, OR Goodenough and Jeffrey Evans Stake
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences, 359 (1451), 1763-1774

The uneasy case for adverse possession (2000)
Jeffrey Evans Stake
Geo. Lj, 89 2419

The interplay between law school rankings, reputations, and resource allocation: Ways rankings mislead (2006)
Jeffrey Evans Stake
Ind. LJ, 81 229

Lifting the veil of ignorance: personalizing the marriage contract (1997)
Eric Rasmusen and Jeffrey Evans Stake
Ind. LJ, 73 453

Mandatory Planning for Divorce (1992)
Jeffrey Evans Stake
Vand. L. Rev., 45 397

Darwin, Donations, and the Illusion of Dead Hand Control (1990)
Jeffrey E Stake
Tul. L. Rev., 64 705

Toward an Economic Understanding of Touch and Concern (1988)
Jeffrey E Stake
Duke LJ, 925

Status and Incentive Aspects of Judicial Decisions (1991)
Jeffrey Evans Stake
Georgetown Law Review, 79 (5), 1447

Are We Buyers or Hosts--A Memetic Approach to the First Amendment (2000)
Jeffrey Evans Stake
Ala. L. Rev., 52 (4), 1213

Roundtable: Opportunities for and Limitations of Private Ordering in Family Law (1998)
Jeffrey Evans Stake and Michael Grossberg
Indiana Law Journal, 73 (2), 535

Evolution of rules in a common law system: differential litigation of the fee tail and other perpetuities (2004)
Jeffrey Evans Stake
Fla. St. UL Rev., 32 401

The Pride of Indiana: An Empirical Study of the Law School Experience and Careers of Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington Alumni (2006)
Kenneth G Dau-Schmidt, Jeffrey E Stake, Kaushik Mukhopadhaya and Timothy A Haley
Ind. LJ, 81 1427

Making the Grade: Some Principles of Comparative Grading (2002)
Jeffrey Evans Stake
J. Legal Educ., 52 583

Income and career satisfaction in the legal profession: survey data from Indiana Law School graduates (2007)
Jeffrey Evans Stake, Kenneth G Dau‐Schmidt and Kaushik Mukhopadhaya
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 4 (4), 939-981

Decomposition of property rights (1999)
Jeffrey Evans Stake
Property Law and Economics, 126