Linda Smith

Linda Smith

Chair, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Chancellor's Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Distinguished Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences


  • Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1977

Research interests

The interaction of perceptual, cognitive, and linguistic factors in the psychology of objects and dimensions from a developmental perspective. Two current empirical emphases are: (1) developmental changes in perceived similarity and category formation; and (2) the development of quantitative dimensions. The theoretical perspective is that of dynamic systems. This perspective concentrates on the interaction of heterogeneous systems as the mechanism behind developmental change.

Professional Experience

  • Member, Memory and Cognitive Processes Panel, National Science Foundation, 1983-86
  • Member, Biological, Behavioral, and Social Sciences Panel, National Science Foundation, 1989-92
  • Member, Cognitive Emotion and Personality Panel, NIMH, 1989-93
  • Lilly Fellow, 1993-94
  • Associate Editor, Psychological Review, 1994-1996


  • James McKeen Cattell Sabbatical Award, 1985
  • APA Award for an Early Career Contribution, 1985
  • NIH Research Career Development Award, 1984-89
  • Tracy M. Sonneborn Award, 1997

Representative publications

A dynamic systems approach to the development of cognition and action (1994)
Esther Thelen and Linda B Smith
MIT press. 10

The dynamics of embodiment: a field theory of infant perseverative reaching (2001)
Esther Thelen, Gregor Schöner, Christian Scheier and Linda B Smith
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Esther Thelen and Linda B Smith
Handbook of child psychology, 1

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Linda B Smith and Esther Thelen
Trends in cognitive sciences, 7 (8), 343-348

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Linda Smith and Chen Yu
Cognition, 106 (3), 1558-1568

Naming in young children: A dumb attentional mechanism? (1996)
Linda B Smith, Susan S Jones and Barbara Landau
Cognition, 60 (2), 143-171

Object name learning provides on-the-job training for attention (2002)
Linda B Smith, Susan S Jones, Barbara Landau, Lisa Gershkoff-Stowe and Larissa Samuelson
Psychological science, 13 (1), 13-19

Knowing in the context of acting: the task dynamics of the A-not-B error (1999)
Linda B Smith, Esther Thelen, Robert Titzer and Dewey McLin
Psychological review, 106 (2), 235

Rapid word learning under uncertainty via cross-situational statistics (2007)
Chen Yu and Linda B Smith
Psychological science, 18 (5), 414-420

The development of embodied cognition: Six lessons from babies (2005)
Linda Smith and Michael Gasser
Artificial life, 11 (1-2), 13-29

The place of perception in children's concepts (1993)
Susan S Jones and Linda B Smith
Cognitive Development, 8 (2), 113-139

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James L McClelland, Matthew M Botvinick, David C Noelle, David C Plaut, Timothy T Rogers, Mark S Seidenberg ...
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Susan S Jones, Linda B Smith and Barbara Landau
Child development, 62 (3), 499-516

How to learn words: An associative crane (2000)
Linda B Smith
Breaking the word learning barrier,

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