Luis Rocha

Luis Rocha

Professor, Computer Science

Professor, Informatics


Representative publications

Singular value decomposition and principal component analysis (2003)
Michael E Wall, Andreas Rechtsteiner and Luis M Rocha
Springer US. 91-109

Computational fact checking from knowledge networks (2015)
Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Prashant Shiralkar, Luis M Rocha, Johan Bollen, Filippo Menczer and Alessandro Flammini
PLoS ONE, 10 (6), e0128193. doi:10.1371/journal.pon

The Protein-Protein Interaction tasks of BioCreative III: classification/ranking of articles and linking bio-ontology concepts to full text (2011)
Martin Krallinger, Miguel Vazquez, Florian Leitner, David Salgado, Andrew Chatr-Aryamontri, Andrew Winter ...
BMC bioinformatics, 12 (8), S3

Selected self-organization and the semiotics of evolutionary systems (1998)
Luis Mateus Rocha
Springer, Dordrecht. 341-358

Towards semiotic agent-based models of socio-technical organizations (2000)
Cliff Joslyn and Luis Rocha
Proc. AI, Simulation and Planning in High Autonomy Systems (AIS 2000) Conference, Tucson, Arizona, 70-79

Complex systems modeling: Using metaphors from nature in simulation and scientific models (1999)
Luis M Rocha
BITS: Computer and Communications News, (November),

Symbiotic Intelligence: self-organizing knowledge on distributed networks driven by human interaction (1998)
Norman Johnson, Steen Rasmussen, Cliff Joslyn, Luis Rocha, Steven Smith and Marianna Kantor
MIT Press. 403-407

Control of complex networks requires both structure and dynamics (2016)
Alexander J Gates and Luis M Rocha
Scientific Reports, 6 (24456), doi:10.1038/srep24456

Evolution with material symbol systems (2001)
Luis Mateus Rocha
Biosystems, 60 (1-3), 95-121

Material representations: from the genetic code to the evolution of cellular automata (2005)
Luis Mateus Rocha and Wim Hordijk
Artificial life, 11 (2-Jan), 189-214

Eigenbehavior and symbols (1996)
Luis Mateus Rocha
Systems Research, 13 (3), 371-384

Evidence sets and contextual genetic algorithms: Exploring uncertainty, context, and embodiment in cognitive and biological systems (1998)
Luis Mateus Rocha

Uncovering protein interaction in abstracts and text using a novel linear model and word proximity networks (2008)
Alaa Abi-Haidar, Jasleen Kaur, Ana Maguitman, Predrag Radivojac, Andreas Rechtsteiner, Karin Verspoor ...
Genome biology, 9 (2), S11

Evaluation of the host transcriptional response to human cytomegalovirus infection (2004)
Jean F Challacombe, Andreas Rechtsteiner, Raphael Gottardo, Luis M Rocha, Edward P Browne, Thomas Shenk ...
Physiological genomics, 18 (1), 51-62

Contextual genetic algorithms: Evolving developmental rules (1995)
Luis Mateus Rocha
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. 368-382

Dissertation Committee Service

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Simas, Tiago De Stochastic Models and Transitivity in Complex Networks (May 2012) Rocha, L. (Chair), Sporns, O., Flammini, A., Bollen, J.