Robert Potter

Robert Potter

Director, Institute for Communication Research

Professor, Communication Science


Representative publications

The Impact of Cognitive Load on the Cardiac Orienting Response to Auditory Structural Features during Natural Radio Listening Situations (2018)
Robert F. Potter, Josh Sites, Edgar Jamison-Koenig, Xia Zheng
Journal of Cognition,

I've Heard That Before: Habituation of the Orienting Response Follows Repeated Presentation of Auditory Structural Features in Radio (2015)
Robert F Potter, Teresa Lynch and Ashley Kraus
Communication Monographs, 82 (3), 359-378

Pitch range variations improve cognitive processing of audio messages (2017)
Emma Rodero, Robert F Potter and Pilar Prieto
Human communication research, 43 (3), 397-413

The impact of emotional words on listeners’ cognitive and emotional responses in the context of advertising (2018)
Sungkyoung Lee, Robert F. Potter
Communication Research,

The effects of message valence and listener arousal on attention, memory, and facial muscular responses to radio advertisements (2001)
Paul D Bolls, Annie Lang and Robert F Potter
Communication Research, 28 (5), 627-651

The effects of voice changes on orienting and immediate cognitive overload in radio listeners (2000)
Robert F Potter
Media Psychology, 2 (2), 147-177

The effects of auditory structural complexity on attitudes, attention, arousal, and memory (2006)
Robert F Potter and Jinmyung Choi
Media psychology, 8 (4), 395-419

Effects of music on physiological arousal: Explorations into tempo and genre (2007)
Francesca R Dillman Carpentier and Robert F Potter
Media Psychology, 10 (3), 339-363

Identifying structural features of audio: Orienting responses during radio messages and their impact on recognition (2008)
Robert F Potter, Annie Lang and Paul D Bolls
Journal of Media Psychology, 20 (4), 168-177

Psychophysiological measurement and meaning: Cognitive and emotional processing of media (2012)
Robert F Potter and Paul Bolls

Dissertation Committee Service

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Bradley, Samuel Exploring the Validity and Reliability of the Acoustic Startle Probe as a Measure of Attention and Motivation to Television Programming (August 2005) Lang, A. (Chair), Bucy, E., Fox, Julia, Gasser, M., Potter, R.
Lee, Sungyoung Understanding Available Resources During TV Message Processing: Audio/Video Redundancy, Emotion, Structural Complexity, and Motivated Cognition (August 2009) Lang, A. (Co-Chair), James, T. (Co-Chair), Potter, R., Fox, J.
Wang, Zheng Motivational Processing and Choice Behavior during Television Viewing: An Integrative Dynamic Approach (September 2007) Lang, A. (Chair), Busemeyer, J., Fox, J., Potter, R.