Rowan Candy

Rowan Candy

Professor, Optometry

Associate Dean for Research, Optometry

Departmental Liaison to Cognitive Science, Optometry


  • Ph.D., Vision Science, University of California Berkeley, 1997

Research interests

The development of visual function and the visual system in human infants. Neonates see poorly and undergo significant visual development over the first months after birth. Two particular goals are to understand the limits imposed on neonatal performance by specific structural immaturities in visual processing and the role of activity-dependent neural development in visual maturation.

Professional Experience

  • Research Associate, The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute 1997-2000

Representative publications

Recent advances in cortical visual impairment (2001)
William V Good, James E Jan, Susan K Burden, Ann Skoczenski and Rowan Candy
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Pamela J Blade and T Rowan Candy
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Shrikant R Bharadwaj and T Rowan Candy
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T Rowan Candy and Shrikant R Bharadwaj
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Accommodative and vergence responses to conflicting blur and disparity stimuli during development (2009)
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Dissertation Committee Service

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Anderson, Joseph Walking to Reach: Binocular Disparity Matching and The Tau Hypothesis (January 2009) Bingham, G. (Co-Chair), Busey, T., Yu, C. (Co-Chair), Candy, R.
Wild, Heather Applying Signal Detection Theory to Evoked Response Potentials For Understanding Mechanisms of Bias and Sensitivity in Face Detection Tasks (September 2006) Busey, T. (Co-Chair), Candy, R., Gold, J., Townsend, J. (Co-Chair)