Patrícia Amaral

Patrícia Amaral

Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Adjunct Associate Professor, Linguistics


  • Ph.D., Hispanic Linguistics, Ohio State University, 2007
  • M.A., Linguistics, University of Coimbra, 1999
  • B.A., Classical Languages, University of Coimbra, 1996

Research interests

Natural language semantics, Formal pragmatics, Experimental pragmatics, Historical linguistics

Representative publications

Review of The Logic of conventional implicature (2007)
Patricia Amaral, Craige Roberts and E Allyn Smith
Linguistics and Philosophy, 30 707

Contrast and the (non-) occurrence of subject pronouns (2005)
Patricia Matos Amaral and Scott A Schwenter
Selected proceedings of the 7th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, 116-127

Children build on pragmatic information in language acquisition (2010)
Eve V Clark and Patricia Matos Amaral
Language and Linguistics Compass, 4 (7), 445-457

The meaning of approximative adverbs: Evidence from European Portuguese (2007)
Patricia Matos Amaral

Approximating the limit: the interaction between quasi ‘almost’and some temporal connectives in Italian (2010)
Patrícia Amaral and Fabio Del Prete
Linguistics and Philosophy, 33 (2), 51-115

Backgrounding and accommodation of presuppositions: an experimental approach (2013)
Chris Cummins, Patricia Amaral and Napoleon Katsos
Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung, 17 201-218

On the semantics of almost (2006)
Patricia Amaral
Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Society of America, University of New Mexico,

A cross-linguistic study on information backgrounding and presupposition projection (2015)
Patricia Amaral and Chris Cummins
Springer, Cham. 157-172

Experimental investigations of the typology of presupposition triggers (2012)
Chris Cummins, Patrícia Amaral and Napoleon Katsos
HUMANA. MENTE Journal of Philosophical Studies, 5 (23), 15-Jan

Nominal and verbal plurality in the diachrony of the Portuguese Present Perfect (2012)
Patrícia Amaral and Chad Howe
Verbal plurality and distributivity, 25-53

Experimental evidence on the distinction between foregrounded and backgrounded meaning (2011)
Patricia Amaral, Chris Cummins and Napoleon Katsos
Proceedings of the 2011 ESSLLI Workshop on Projective Content, 7-Jan

Detours along the perfect path (2010)
Patrícia Amaral and Chad Howe
Romance Linguistics 2009, 387-404

Discourse and scalar structure in non-canonical negation (2009)
Patricia Amaral and Scott A Schwenter
Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, 35 (1), 367-378

Entailment, assertion, and textual coherence: the case of almost and barely (2010)
Patricia Amaral
Linguistics, 48 (3), 525-545

From time to discourse monitoring: agora and então in European Portuguese (2006)
Ana C. Macário Lopes and Patrícia Matos Amaral
Belgian Journal of Linguistics, 20 (1), 18-Mar