Nicholas Port

Nicholas Port

Assistant Professor, Optometry


Representative publications

Variability and correlated noise in the discharge of neurons in motor and parietal areas of the primate cortex (1998)
Daeyeol Lee, Nicholas L Port, Wolfgang Kruse and Apostolos P Georgopoulos
Journal of Neuroscience, 18 (3), 1161-1170

Manual interception of moving targets I. Performance and movement initiation (1997)
Nicholas Lindman Port, Daeyeol Lee, Paul Dassonville and Apostolos P Georgopoulos
Experimental Brain Research, 116 (3), 406-420

Sequential activity of simultaneously recorded neurons in the superior colliculus during curved saccades (2003)
Nicholas L Port and Robert H Wurtz
Journal of Neurophysiology, 90 (3), 1887-1903

Manual interception of moving targets II. On-line control of overlapping submovements (1997)
Daeyeol Lee, Nicholas L Port and Apostolos P Georgopoulos
Experimental Brain Research, 116 (3), 421-433

Guiding contact by coupling the taus of gaps (2001)
David N Lee, Apostolos P Georgopoulos, Martyn J Clark, Cathy M Craig and Nicholas Port
Experimental Brain Research, 139 (2), 151-159

Effect of contact lens wear and a near task on tear film break-up (2010)
Meredith E Jansen, Carolyn G Begley, Nikole H Himebaugh and Nicholas L Port
Optometry and Vision Science, 87 (5), 350-357

A neural network model of cortical activity during reaching (1993)
Ronald Kettner, Joanne Marcario and Nicholas Port
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 5 (1), 14-33

Motor cortical activity during interception of moving targets (2001)
Nicholas L Port, Wolfgang Kruse, Daeyeol Lee and Apostolos P Georgopoulos
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 13 (3), 306-318

Multielectrode evidence for spreading activity across the superior colliculus movement map (2000)
Nicholas L Port, Marc A Sommer and Robert H Wurtz
Journal of neurophysiology, 84 (1), 344-357

Target selection and saccade generation in monkey superior colliculus (2009)
Nicholas L Port and Robert H Wurtz
Experimental brain research, 192 (3), 465-477

Neural population coding: Multielectrode recordings in primate cerebral cortex (1998)
D Lee
Neural ensembles: strategies for recording and decoding, 117-136

Neuronal Clusters in the Primate Motor Cortex during Interceptin of Moving Targets (2001)
Daeyeol Lee, Nicholas L Port, Wolfgang Kruse and Apostolos P Georgopoulos
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 13 (3), 319-331

Immediate removal from activity after sport-related concussion is associated with shorter clinical recovery and less severe symptoms in collegiate student-athletes (2018)
Breton M Asken, Russell M Bauer, Kevin M Guskiewicz, Michael A McCrea, Julianne D Schmidt, Christopher C Giza ...
The American journal of sports medicine, 46 (6), 1465-1474

Intercepting real and path-guided apparent motion targets (1996)
Nicholas Lindman Port, Giuseppe Pellizzer and Apostolos P Georgopoulos
Experimental brain research, 110 (2), 298-307

Micro and regular saccades across the lifespan during a visual search of “Where’s Waldo” puzzles (2016)
Nicholas L Port, Jane Trimberger, Steve Hitzeman, Bryan Redick and Stephen Beckerman
Vision research, 118 144-157

Dissertation Committee Service

Author Dissertation Title Committee
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