Marty Siegel

Marty Siegel

Professor Emeritus, Informatics


  • Ph.D. Educational Psychology (1973), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research interests

Design Pedagogy


  • First Microsoft Faculty Fellow, 1988

Representative publications

Toward a framework for ecologies of artifacts: how are digital artifacts interconnected within a personal life? (2008)
Heekyoung Jung, Erik Stolterman, Will Ryan, Tonya Thompson and Marty Siegel
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Adaptive feedback and review paradigm for computer-based drills (1984)
Martin A Siegel and A Lynn Misselt
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System and method for case study instruction (2003)

Moving toward the digital learning environment: The future of Web-based instruction (1997)
Martin A Siegel and Sonny Kirkley
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Reprioritizing the relationship between HCI research and practice: bubble-up and trickle-down effects (2014)
Colin M Gray, Erik Stolterman and Martin A Siegel
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Understanding computer-based education (1986)
Martin A Siegel and Dennis M Davis
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Inventing the virtual textbook (1994)
Martin A Siegel and Gerald A Sousa
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Evaluating Interactive Entertainment using Breakdown: Understanding Embodied Learning in Video Games (2009)
William Ryan and Martin A Siegel
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Metamorphosis: Transforming non-designers into designers (2009)
Martin A Siegel and Erik Stolterman

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Mr Mike Tovey
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Slow change interaction design (2014)
Martin A Siegel and Jordan Beck
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The explanation for design explanations (2005)
Eli Blevis and M Siegel
11th international conference on human-computer interaction: Interaction design education and research: Current and future trends,

Effectiveness of a computer-based reading comprehension program for adults (1982)
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Designing for deep conversation in a scenarios-based e-learning environment (2004)
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