Manuel Diaz-Campos

Manuel Diaz-Campos

Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Department Chair, Spanish and Portuguese


  • Ph.D., Hispanic Linguistics, Ohio State University, 2001
  • M.A., Linguistics, Universidad Central de Venezuela, 1996
  • Licentiate, Mass Media, Universidad Central de Venezuela, 1997
  • Licentiate in Letters, Universidad Central de Venezuela, 1991

Representative publications

Intonation across Spanish, in the Tones and Break Indices framework (2002)
Mary Beckman, Manuel Díaz-Campos, Julia Tevis McGory and Terrell A Morgan
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Manuel Díaz-Campos
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Norman Segalowitz, Barbara Freed, Joe Collentine, Barbara Lafford, Nicole Lazar and Manuel Díaz-Campos
Frontiers: The interdisciplinary journal of study abroad, 10 18-Jan

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Manuel Díaz-Campos
Selected Proceedings of the 7th Conference on the Acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese as First and Second Languages, 26-39

The handbook of Hispanic sociolinguistics (2011)
Manuel Díaz-Campos and Manuel Díaz Campos

Perceptual categorization of dialect variation in Spanish (2009)
Manuel Díaz-Campos and Inmaculada Navarro-Galisteo
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The phonetic manifestation of secondary stress in Spanish (2000)
Manuel Díaz Campos
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The pluralization of haber in Venezuelan Spanish: A sociolinguistic change in real time (2003)
Manuel Díaz-Campos
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Introducción a la sociolingüística hispánica (2013)
Manuel Díaz-Campos
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A Creole origin for Barlovento Spanish? A linguistic and sociohistorical inquiry (2008)
Manuel Díaz-Campos and J Clancy Clements
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Manuel Díaz-Campos
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Julia Tevis McGory and Manuel Díaz-Campos
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Manuel Díaz-Campos and Nicole Lazar
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Acquisition of sociolinguistic variables in Spanish: Do children acquire individual lexical forms or (2004)
Manuel Díaz-Campos
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The value of fractional and coronary flow reserve in predicting myocardial recovery in patients with previous myocardial infarction (2008)
Branko Beleslin, Miodrag Ostojic, Ana Djordjevic-Dikic, Vladan Vukcevic, Sinisa Stojkovic, Milan Nedeljkovic ...
European heart journal, 29 (21), 2617-2624