Malgorzata Cavar

Malgorzata Cavar

Associate Professor, Linguistics


Research interests

Slavic and low-resourced languages

Theoretical phonology

Second language phonology

Laboratory phonology

Speech corpora

Representative publications

Palatalization in Polish: An Interaction of Articulatory and Perceptual Factors (2004)
Malgorzata Ewa Ćavar

Endangered language documentation: Bootstrapping a Chatino speech corpus, forced aligner, ASR (2016)
Malgorzata Cavar, Damir Ćavar and Hilaria Cruz

Allophonic variation of Polish vowels in the context of prepalatal consonants (2017)
Malgorzata E Cavar, Steven M Lulich and Max Nelson
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics 173EAA, 30 (1), 60007

[ATR] in Polish (2007)
Małgorzata E Ćavar
Journal of Slavic Linguistics, 207-228

Language-specific differences in the weighting of perceptual cues for labiodentals (2010)
Silke Hamann, Paul Boersma and Małgorzata Ćavar
Proceedings of New Sounds 2010, 167-172

Alternating environment in the analysis of derived environment effects (2005)
Małgorzata Ćavar
IULC Working Papers, 5 (1),

Three-dimensional ultrasound images of Polish high front vowels (2017)
Steven M Lulich, Malgorzata E Cavar and Max Nelson
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics 173EAA, 30 (1), 60006

Merger of the place contrast in the posterior sibilants in Croatian (2011)
Małgorzata Ćavar

Phonemes, features and allophones in L2 phonology. Polish sibilants in Croatian ears (and brains) (2011)
Malgorzata Ewa Ćavar and Silke Hamann
Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Phonemic IPA transcription and syllabification for Croatian (2010)
Damir Ćavar and Malgorzata Ćavar

Auditory factors in the emergence of prepalatal affricates in Polish (2004)
Malgorzata Cavar
Working papers in Slavic studies: Proceedings of the first graduate colloquium on Slavic linguistics, 3 20-Jan

Croatian language corpus Riznica 0.1 (2018)
Dunja Brozović Rončević, Damir Ćavar, Małgorzata Ćavar, Tomislav Stojanov, Kristina Štrkalj Despot, Nikola Ljubešić ...
Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics.

Generating a Yiddish Speech Corpus, Forced Aligner and Basic ASR System for the AHEYM Project (2016)
Malgorzata Cavar, Damir Ćavar, Dov-Ber Kerler and Anya Quilitzsch

Roadrunners and Eagles (2013)
Linda Shockey and Małgorzata E Ćavar
Research in Language, 11 (1), 97-102

Inducing recursion (2007)
Damir Ćavar and Malgorzata Ewa Ćavar