Gregory Lewis

Gregory Lewis

Assistant Professor, Intelligent Systems Engineering

Assistant Research Scientist, Kinsey Institute Traumatic Stress Research Consortium

Member, Kinsey Institute Traumatic Stress Research Consortium


  • Ph.D. Bioengineering at University of Illinois at Chicago
  • B.A. Psychology at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Representative publications

Statistical strategies to quantify respiratory sinus arrhythmia: Are commonly used metrics equivalent? (2012)
Gregory F Lewis, Senta A Furman, Martha F McCool and Stephen W Porges
Biological psychology, 89 (2), 349-364

A novel method for extracting respiration rate and relative tidal volume from infrared thermography (2011)
Gregory F Lewis, Rodolfo G Gatto and Stephen W Porges
Psychophysiology, 48 (7), 877-887

Respiratory sinus arrhythmia and auditory processing in autism: Modifiable deficits of an integrated social engagement system? (2013)
Stephen W Porges, Matthew Macellaio, Shannon D Stanfill, Kimberly McCue, Gregory F Lewis, Emily R Harden ...
International Journal of Psychophysiology, 88 (3), 261-270

The polyvagal hypothesis: common mechanisms mediating autonomic regulation, vocalizations and listening (2010)
Stephen W Porges and Gregory F Lewis
Elsevier. 19 255-264

High-throughput cardiac safety evaluation and multi-parameter arrhythmia profiling of cardiomyocytes using microelectrode arrays (2015)
Kristin H Gilchrist, Gregory F Lewis, Elaine A Gay, Katelyn L Sellgren and Sonia Grego
Toxicology and applied pharmacology, 288 (2), 249-257

Relaxation training assisted by heart rate variability biofeedback: Implication for a military predeployment stress inoculation protocol (2015)
Gregory F Lewis, Laurel Hourani, Stephen Tueller, Paul Kizakevich, Stephanie Bryant, Belinda Weimer ...
Psychophysiology, 52 (9), 1167-1174

Autonomic substrates of the response to pups in male prairie voles (2013)
William M Kenkel, Jamespaul Paredes, Gregory F Lewis, Jason R Yee, Hossein Pournajafi-Nazarloo, Angela J Grippo ...
PLoS One, 8 (8), e69965

Accuracy of the StressEraser® in the detection of cardiac rhythms (2008)
Keri J Heilman, Mika Handelman, Gregory Lewis and Stephen W Porges
Applied psychophysiology and biofeedback, 33 (2), 83-89

The covariation of acoustic features of infant cries and autonomic state (2013)
Adam Michael Stewart, Gregory F Lewis, Keri J Heilman, Maria I Davila, Danielle D Coleman, Stephanie A Aylward ...
Physiology & behavior, 120 203-210

Oxytocin promotes functional coupling between paraventricular nucleus and both sympathetic and parasympathetic cardioregulatory nuclei (2016)
Jason R Yee, William M Kenkel, Jessie L Frijling, Sonam Dodhia, Kenneth G Onishi, Santiago Tovar ...
Hormones and behavior, 80 82-91

Reducing auditory hypersensitivities in autistic spectrum disorder: preliminary findings evaluating the listening project protocol (2014)
Stephen W Porges, Olga V Bazhenova, Elgiz Bal, Nancy Carlson, Yevgeniya Sorokin, Keri J Heilman ...
Frontiers in pediatrics, 2 80

Relation between respiratory sinus arrythymia and startle response during predictable and unpredictable threat (2013)
Stephanie M Gorka, Brady D Nelson, Casey Sarapas, Miranda Campbell, Gregory F Lewis, Jeffery R Bishop ...
Journal of psychophysiology,

Multiscale analysis of heart rate variability in non-stationary environments (2013)
Jianbo Gao, Brian M Gurbaxani, Jing Hu, Keri J Heilman, Vincent A Emauele, Gregory F Lewis ...
Frontiers in physiology, 4 119

Toward preventing post-traumatic stress disorder: Development and testing of a pilot predeployment stress inoculation training program (2016)
Laurel Hourani, Stephen Tueller, Paul Kizakevich, Gregory Lewis, Laura Strange, Belinda Weimer ...
Military medicine, 181 (9), 1151-1160

Improvements in well-being and vagal tone following a yogic breathing-based life skills workshop in young adults: Two open-trial pilot studies (2016)
Michael R Goldstein, Gregory F Lewis, Ronnie Newman, Janice M Brown, Georgiy Bobashev, Lisa Kilpatrick ...
International journal of yoga, 9 (1), 20