Karen Iler Kirk

Karen Iler Kirk

Adjunct Professor, Otolaryngology

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Speech and Hearing Sciences


  • Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1991

Research interests

Speech perception and speech production by children and adults with profound hearing loss

Spoken word recognition and lexical access

Perceptual learning

Cochlear implants

Professional Experience

  • Morkovin Fellow, University of Southern California, 1986-87

Representative publications

Audiovisual integration of speech by children and adults with cochear implants (2002)
Karen Iler Kirk, David B Pisoni, Lorin Lachs
Proceedings: ICSLP. International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, 2002 1689

Spoken Word Recognition Development in Children with Cochlear Implants: Effects of Residual Hearing and Hearing Aid use in the Opposite Ear (2005)
Rachael Frush Holt, Karen Iler Kirk
Research on Spoken Language Processing, Progress Report.

Evolution of Pediatric Cochlear Implantation (2013)
Nancy M Young, Karen Iler Kirk
Otology & Neurotology, 34 (3), 385

Some Effects of Phonotactic Probabilities on the Processing of Spoken Words and Nonwords by Post-Lingually Deafened Adults with Cochlear Implants1 (2000)
Michael S Vitevitch, David B Pisoni, Karen Iler Kirk, Marcia Hay-McCutcheon, Stacy Yount
Progress Report No. 24

Lexical influences on speech perception by children with multichannel cochlear implants (1994)
Karen I Kirk, Mary Joe Osberger, Susan L Todd, Amy M Robbins, Allyson I Riley
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 95 (5), 2906-2906

Dissertation Committee Service

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Cleary, M. Perception of Talker Differences in Normal-Hearning Children and Hearing-Impaired Children with Cochlear Implants (February 2003) Pisoni, D. B. (Co-Chair), Kirk, K. I., Kewley-Port, D. (Co-Chair), Busey, T. A.
Jones, D Primitive Agency Schmitt, F., (Chair)., O'Connor, T, Ludwig, K., Beer. R.,