Kurt Waldman

Kurt Waldman

Assistant Professor, Geography


  • Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2014
  • M.S., Cornell University, 2009

Research interests

Agricultural and environmental decision making

Behavioral science and food security

Consumer preferences and food policy

Food system sustainability

Professional Experience

  • G208: Human/Environment Interactions
  • G478/578: Global Change, Food and Farming Systems

Representative publications

Sustainable intensification and farmer preferences for crop system attributes: evidence from Malawi’s central and southern regions (2016)
David L Ortega, Kurt B Waldman, Robert B Richardson, Daniel C Clay and Sieglinde Snapp
World Development, 87 139-151

Limitations of certification and supply chain standards for environmental protection in commodity crop production (2014)
Kurt B Waldman and John M Kerr
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Estimating demand for perennial pigeon pea in Malawi using choice experiments (2017)
Kurt B Waldman, David L Ortega, Robert B Richardson and Sieglinde S Snapp
Ecological economics, 131 222-230

Combining participatory crop trials and experimental auctions to estimate farmer preferences for improved common bean in Rwanda (2014)
Kurt B Waldman, John M Kerr and Krista B Isaacs
Food Policy, 46 183-192

Is Food and Drug Administration policy governing artisan cheese consistent with consumers’ preferences? (2015)
Kurt B Waldman and John M Kerr
Food Policy, 55 71-80

Does safety information influence consumers’ preferences for controversial food products? (2018)
Kurt B Waldman and John M Kerr
Food quality and preference, 64 56-65

Preferences for legume attributes in maize-legume cropping systems in Malawi (2016)
Kurt B Waldman, David L Ortega, Robert B Richardson, Daniel C Clay and Sieglinde Snapp
Food security, 8 (6), 1087-1099

Maize seed choice and perceptions of climate variability among smallholder farmers (2017)
Kurt B Waldman, Jordan P Blekking, Shahzeen Z Attari and Tom P Evans
Global environmental change, 47 51-63

Confronting tradeoffs between agricultural ecosystem services and adaptation to climate change in Mali (2018)
Kurt B Waldman and Robert B Richardson
Ecological Economics, 150 184-193

Cognitive biases about climate variability in smallholder farming systems in Zambia (2019)
Kurt B Waldman, Noemi Vergopolan, Shahzeen Z Attari, Justin Sheffield, Lyndon D Estes, Kelly K Caylor ...
Weather, Climate, and Society, 11 (2), 369-383

The salience of climate change in farmer decision-making within smallholder semi-arid agroecosystems (2019)
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Climatic Change, 156 (4), 527-543