Katy Börner

Katy Börner

Victor H. Yngve Professor, Information and Library Science, School of Informatics and Computing

Adjunct Professor, Statistics


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Kaiserslautern, 1997
  • Master of Engineering in Electronics, University of Technology Leipzig, 1991
  • Technical School Examinations, RFT Fernmeldewerk Leipzig, 1987

Representative publications

Visualizing knowledge domains (2003)
Katy Börner, Chaomei Chen and Kevin W Boyack
Annual review of information science and technology, 37 (1), 179-255

Mapping the backbone of science (2005)
Kevin W Boyack, Richard Klavans and Katy Börner
Scientometrics, 64 (3), 351-374

Scholarly networks on resilience, vulnerability and adaptation within the human dimensions of global environmental change (2006)
Marco A Janssen, Michael L Schoon, Weimao Ke and Katy Börner
Global environmental change, 16 (3), 240-252

Approaches to understanding and measuring interdisciplinary scientific research (IDR): A review of the literature (2011)
Caroline S Wagner, J David Roessner, Kamau Bobb, Julie Thompson Klein, Kevin W Boyack, Joann Keyton ...
Journal of informetrics, 5 (1), 14-26

Network science (2007)
Katy Börner, Soma Sanyal and Alessandro Vespignani
Annual review of information science and technology, 41 (1), 537-607

Atlas of science: Visualizing what we know (2010)
Katy Börner
The MIT Press.

Mapping knowledge domains (2004)
Richard M Shiffrin and Katy Börner
National Academy of Sciences. 101 (1), 5183-5185

The simultaneous evolution of author and paper networks (2004)
Katy Börner, Jeegar T Maru and Robert L Goldstone
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 101 (suppl 1), 5266-5273

Mapping topics and topic bursts in PNAS (2004)
Ketan K Mane and Katy Börner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 101 (suppl 1), 5287-5290

Studying the emerging global brain: Analyzing and visualizing the impact of co‐authorship teams (2005)
Katy Börner, Luca Dall'Asta, Weimao Ke and Alessandro Vespignani
Complexity, 10 (4), 57-67

Analyzing and visualizing the semantic coverage of Wikipedia and its authors (2007)
Todd Holloway, Miran Bozicevic and Katy Börner
Complexity, 12 (3), 30-40

A multi-level systems perspective for the science of team science (2010)
Katy Börner, Noshir Contractor, Holly J Falk-Krzesinski, Stephen M Fiore, Kara L Hall, Joann Keyton ...
Science Translational Medicine, 2 (49), 1-5

Clustering more than two million biomedical publications: Comparing the accuracies of nine text-based similarity approaches (2011)
Kevin W Boyack, David Newman, Russell J Duhon, Richard Klavans, Michael Patek, Joseph R Biberstine ...
PloS one, 6 (3), 1-11

Calling on a million minds for community annotation in WikiProteins (2008)
Barend Mons, Michael Ashburner, Christine Chichester, Erik van Mulligen, Marc Weeber, Johan den Dunnen ...
Genome biology, 9 (5), R89

Design and update of a classification system: The UCSD map of science (2012)
Katy Börner, Richard Klavans, Michael Patek, Angela M Zoss, Joseph R Biberstine, Robert P Light ...
PloS one, 7 (7), e39464