Jennifer Trueblood

Jennifer Trueblood

Ruth N. Halls Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Computational Decision Making Lab


  • Ph.D., Cognitive Science, Indiana University–Bloomington, 2012
  • M.A., Mathematics, Indiana University–Bloomington, 2009
  • B.S.O.F., Music and Mathematics, Indiana University–Bloomington, 2007

Research interests

Human judgment and decision making

Computational cognitive modeling

Machine learning approaches to human cognition

Bayesian methods for model-based inference

My research takes a joint experimental and computational modeling approach to study human judgment, decision making, and reasoning. I study how people make decisions when faced with multiple, complex alternatives and options involving different risks and rewards. To address these questions, I develop probabilistic and dynamic models that can explain behavior and use hierarchical Bayesian methods for data analysis and model-based inference. I am also interested in combining machine learning techniques with cognitive models to study naturalistic human decision making. Recent research topics in my lab include understanding (1) how context affects multialternative, multiattribute choice, (2) how dynamically changing information impacts decision processes, and (3) how physicians make decisions from medical images.

Representative publications

Disentangling prevalence induced biases in medical image decision-making (2021)
Jennifer S. Trueblood, Quentin Eichbaum, Adam C. Seegmiller, Charles Stratton, Payton O'Daniels and William R. Holmes
Cognition, 212

Urgency, leakage, and the relative nature of information processing in decision-making (2021)
Jennifer S. Trueblood, Andrew Heathcote, Nathan J. Evans and William R. Holmes
Psychological Review, 128 160-186

A dynamic dual process model of risky decision making (2018)
Adele Diederich and Jennifer S. Trueblood
Pyschological Review, 125 270-292

A quantum probability framework for human probabilistic inference (2017)
Jennifer S. Trueblood, James M. Yearsley and Emmanuel M. Pothos
ournal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146 1307-1341

A new framework for modeling decisions about changing information: The Piecewise Linear Ballistic Accumulator model (2016)
William R. Holmes, Jennifer S. Trueblood and Andrew Heathcote
Cognitive Psychology, 85 1-29

The multiattribute linear ballistic accumulator model of context effects in multialternative choice (2014)
Jennifer S. Trueblood, Scott D. Brown and Andrew Heathcote
Psychological Review, 121 179-205