Jason Gold

Jason Gold

Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Psychological and Brain Sciences


  • Ph.D., University of Toronto, 2001

Research interests

One of the most important abilities we possess is our capacity to detect, discriminate and identify objects in our environment. It is difficult to imagine navigating through the world without the ability to reliably detect objects in our path; or having social interactions without the ability to recognize other people's faces. These are tasks that we perform with ease and on a continual basis every day. But how does our visual system translate the array of light that reaches our eyes into an organized representation of meaningful objects embedded within complex scenes? My research is directed towards understanding some of these processes that are performed on visual patterns after the initial stages of sensory encoding. I am particularly interested in understanding what it is that limits our ability to use the information that is available to us when we are trying to detect or recognize visual patterns. My approach typically involves the use of a variety of psychophysical and signal-processing methods (such as ideal observer analysis and signal detection theory) to quantitatively characterize the mechanisms involved in various perceptual processes, such as perceptual learning, visual completion, face recognition and visual memory decay.

Representative publications

Inversion leads to quantitative, not qualitative, changes in face processing (2004)
Allison B Sekuler, Carl M Gaspar, Jason M Gold and Patrick J Bennett
Current Biology, 14 (5), 391-396

Signal but not noise changes with perceptual learning (1999)
J Gold, PJ Bennett and AB Sekuler
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Jason Gold, Patrick J Bennett and Allison B Sekuler
Vision research, 39 (21), 3537-3560

Deriving behavioural receptive fields for visually completed contours (2000)
Jason M Gold, Richard F Murray, Patrick J Bennett and Allison B Sekuler
Current Biology, 10 (11), 663-666

Characterizing perceptual learning with external noise (2004)
Jason M Gold, Allison B Sekuler and Partrick J Bennett
Cognitive Science, 28 (2), 167-207

Discrete-slots models of visual working-memory response times (2013)
Christopher Donkin, Robert M Nosofsky, Jason M Gold and Richard M Shiffrin
Psychological Review, 120 (4), 873

The perception of a face is no more than the sum of its parts (2012)
Jason M Gold, Patrick J Mundy and Bosco S Tjan
Psychological science, 23 (4), 427-434

The effect of the physical characteristics of cues and targets on facilitation and inhibition (2001)
Jay Pratt, Jamie Hillis and Jason M Gold
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 8 (3), 489-495

Troubles with bubbles (2004)
Richard F Murray and Jason M Gold
Vision Research, 44 (5), 461-470

Visual memory decay is deterministic (2005)
Jason M Gold, Richard F Murray, Allison B Sekuler, Patrick J Bennett and Robert Sekuler
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The response of face-selective cortex with single face parts and part combinations (2012)
Lindsay R Arcurio, Jason M Gold and Thomas W James
Neuropsychologia, 50 (10), 2454-2459

The efficiency of dynamic and static facial expression recognition (2013)
Jason M Gold, Jarrett D Barker, Shawn Barr, Jennifer L Bittner, W Drew Bromfield, Nicole Chu ...
Journal of vision, 13 (5), 23-23

The efficiency of biological motion perception (2008)
Jason M Gold, Duje Tadin, Susan C Cook and Randolph Blake
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The spatiotemporal properties of visual completion measured by response classification (2006)
Jason M Gold and Erin Shubel
Journal of Vision, 6 (4), 5-May

Verbal labeling, gradual decay, and sudden death in visual short-term memory (2015)
Chris Donkin, Robert Nosofsky, Jason Gold and Richard Shiffrin
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 22 (1), 170-178

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