Joshua Danish

Joshua Danish

Associate professor, Learning Sciences, School of Education


Representative publications

Learning physics through play in an augmented reality environment (2012)
Noel Enyedy, Joshua A Danish, Girlie Delacruz and Melissa Kumar
International journal of computer-supported collaborative learning, 7 (3), 347-378

Negotiated representational mediators: How young children decide what to include in their science representations (2007)
Joshua A Danish and Noel Enyedy
Science Education, 91 (1), Jan-35

Life in the Hive: Supporting Inquiry into Complexity Within the Zone of Proximal Development (2011)
Joshua A Danish, Kylie Peppler, David Phelps and DiAnna Washington
Journal of Science Education and Technology, 14-Jan

Constructing liminal blends in a collaborative augmented-reality learning environment (2015)
Noel Enyedy, Joshua A Danish and David DeLiema
International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 10 (1), Jul-34

Negotiating the “relevant” in culturally relevant mathematics (2011)
Noel Enyedy, Joshua A Danish and Deborah A Fields
Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, 11 (3), 273-291

BeeSim: leveraging wearable computers in participatory simulations with young children (2010)
Kylie Peppler, Joshua Danish, Benjamin Zaitlen, Diane Glosson, Alexander Jacobs and David Phelps
ACM. 246-249

Collaborative gaming: Teaching children about complex systems and collective behavior (2013)
Kylie Peppler, Joshua A Danish and David Phelps
Simulation & Gaming, 44 (5), 683-705

Science through technology enhanced play: Designing to support reflection through play and embodiment (2015)
Joshua A Danish, Noel Enyedy, Asmalina Saleh, Christine Lee and Alejandro Andrade
International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc.[ISLS]..

Representational Practices by the Numbers: How kindergarten and first‐grade students create, evaluate, and modify their science representations (2011)
Joshua Adam Danish and David Phelps
International Journal of Science Education, 33 (15), 2069-2094

Observing complex systems thinking in the zone of proximal development (2017)
Joshua Danish, Asmalina Saleh, Alejandro Andrade and Branden Bryan
Instructional Science, 45 (1), 24-May

BeeSign: A design experiment to teach Kindergarten and first grade students about honeybees from a complex systems perspective (2009)
JA Danish
annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association,

What are students doing during lecture? Evidence from new technologies to capture student activity (2016)
Adam V Maltese, Joshua A Danish, Ryan M Bouldin, Joseph A Harsh and Branden Bryan
International Journal of Research & Method in Education, 39 (2), 208-226

Using multimodal learning analytics to model student behavior: A systematic analysis of epistemological framing (2016)
Alejandro Andrade, Ginette Delandshere and Joshua A Danish
Journal of Learning Analytics, 3 (2), 282-306

Cognitive and Sociocultural Perspectives on Learning: Tensions and Synergy in the Learning Sciences (2018)
Joshua A Danish and Melissa Gresalfi
Routledge. 34-43

Blending play and inquiry in augmented reality: A comparison of playing a video game to playing within a participatory model (2016)
David DeLiema, Asmalina Saleh, Christine Lee, Noel Enyedy, Joshua Danish, Randy Illum ...
Singapore: International Society of the Learning Sciences.