Larry Humes

Larry Humes

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Speech and Hearing Sciences


  • B.S. at Purdue University, 1975
  • M.A. at Central Michigan University, 1976
  • Ph.D. at Northwestern University, 1979

Research interests

Professor Humes is an expert in auditory perception, with special expertise in the effects of hearing impairment and aging on auditory perception. His most recent research activities have been focused on age-related changes in speech perception and the evaluation of treatments for speech-perception deficits, including hearing aids and auditory training. He has served as an associate editor or editor for several prestigious journals in his field. From 2003-2005, he chaired a committee of the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine charged with performing a critical examination of the evidence regarding the presence of noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus in U.S. military veterans since the 1940s.

Representative publications

Age-related changes in visual temporal order judgment performance: Relation to sensory and cognitive capacities (2010)
Thomas A. Busey, James C. Craig, C. Clark and Larry E. Humes
Vision Research, 50 1628-1640

Aging and tactile temporal order (2010)
James C. Craig, Roger P. Rhodes, Thomas A. Busey, Diane Kewley-Port and Larry E. Humes
Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 72 (1), 226-235

Auditory temporal-processing of vowel sequences by young and elderly listeners (2010)
D. Fogerty, Larry E. Humes and Diane Kewley-Port
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 127 (4), 2509-2520

Factors influencing recognition of interrupted speech (2010)
X. Wang and L. E. Humes
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 128 (4), 2100-2111

Measures of hearing threshold and temporal processing across the adult lifespan (2010)
Larry E. Humes, Diane Kewley-Port, D. Fogerty and D. Kinney
Hearing Research, 264 30-40

Dissertation Committee Service

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Ferguson, S. H. Vowels in Clear and Conversational Speech: Talker Differences in Acoustic Features and Intelligibility for Normal-Hearing Listeners (July 2002) Kweley-Port, D. (Co-Chair), Watson, C. S., Humes, L. E., Pisoni, D. B. (Co-Chair), Jong, K. D.
Fogerty, Daniel Perceptual Weighting of the Envelope and Fine Structure Across Frequency Bands During Continuous and Interrupted Speech (June 2010) Humes, L. (Co-Chair), Kewley-Port, D. (Co-Chair), Pisoni, D., Lentz, J.