Hannah Block

Hannah Block

Associate Professor, Kinesiology


  • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Ph.D., 2009
  • University of British Columbia, BSc, 2002

Representative publications

Interlimb coordination during locomotion: what can be adapted and stored? (2005)
Darcy S Reisman, Hannah J Block and Amy J Bastian
Journal of neurophysiology, 94 (4), 2403-2415

Stimulating the cerebellum affects visuomotor adaptation but not intermanual transfer of learning (2013)
Hannah Block and Pablo Celnik
The Cerebellum, 12 (6), 781-793

Cerebellar involvement in motor but not sensory adaptation (2012)
Hannah J Block and Amy J Bastian
Neuropsychologia, 50 (8), 1766-1775

A cerebellar deficit in sensorimotor prediction explains movement timing variability (2008)
Jin Bo, Hannah J Block, Jane E Clark and Amy J Bastian
Journal of neurophysiology, 100 (5), 2825-2832

Sensory weighting and realignment: independent compensatory processes (2011)
Hannah J Block and Amy J Bastian
Journal of neurophysiology, 106 (1), 59-70

Sensory reweighting in targeted reaching: effects of conscious effort, error history, and target salience (2009)
Hannah J Block and Amy J Bastian
Journal of neurophysiology, 103 (1), 206-217

Can cerebellar transcranial direct current stimulation become a valuable neurorehabilitation intervention? (2012)
Hannah J Block and Pablo Celnik
Expert review of neurotherapeutics, 12 (11), 1275-1277

Virtual lesion of angular gyrus disrupts the relationship between visuoproprioceptive weighting and realignment (2013)
Hannah Block, Amy Bastian and Pablo Celnik
Journal of cognitive neuroscience, 25 (4), 636-648

Cerebellar–M1 connectivity changes associated with motor learning are somatotopic specific (2017)
Danny A Spampinato, Hannah J Block and Pablo A Celnik
Journal of Neuroscience, 37 (9), 2377-2386

Adaptive staircase measurement of hand proprioception (2015)
Najmeh Hoseini, Brandon M Sexton, Karl Kurtz, Yang Liu and Hannah J Block
PloS one, 10 (8), e0135757

Spatial bias in estimating the position of visual and proprioceptive targets (2018)
Yang Liu, Brandon M Sexton and Hannah J Block
Journal of neurophysiology, 119 (5), 1879-1888

Modality-specific changes in motor cortex excitability after visuo-proprioceptive realignment (2017)
Felipe Munoz-Rubke, Jasmine L Mirdamadi, Anna K Lynch and Hannah J Block
Journal of cognitive neuroscience, 29 (12), 2054-2067

Combined motor point associative stimulation (MPAS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) improves plateaued manual dexterity performance (2016)
Najmeh Hoseini, Felipe Munoz-Rubke, Hsuan-Yu Wan and Hannah J Block
Neuroscience letters, 633 134-140

Systems and methods for accurate measurement of proprioception (2019)

A Tablet-Based Tool for Accurate Measurement of Hand Proprioception After Stroke (2019)
Hannah J Block, Jasmine L Mirdamadi, Sydney Ryckman, Anna K Lynch, Reid Wilson, Divya Udayan ...
Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy, 43 (2), 106-116