Eduardo Izquierdo

Eduardo Izquierdo

Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science

Assistant Professor, School of Informatics and Computing


  • Ph.D., University of Sussex, 2008
  • M.Sc., University of Sussex, 2004
  • B.Sc., Universidad Simon Bolivar, 2002

Research interests

Professor Izquierdo's main interest is in understanding how behavior arises from the interaction of an organism’s brain, its body, and its environment. He approaches this from a theoretical perspective, artificially evolving and analyzing computational models of complete brain-body-environment systems using the tools of dynamical systems theory and information theory.

Representative publications

Evolution and analysis of minimal neural circuits for klinotaxis in Caenorhabditis elegans (2010)
Eduardo J Izquierdo and Shawn R Lockery
Journal of Neuroscience, 30 (39), 12908-12917

Autonomy: a review and a reappraisal (2007)
Tom Froese, Nathaniel Virgo and Eduardo Izquierdo
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Eduardo J Izquierdo and Randall D Beer
PLoS computational biology, 9 (2), e1002890

A stochastic neuronal model predicts random search behaviors at multiple spatial scales in C. elegans (2016)
William M Roberts, Steven B Augustine, Kristy J Lawton, Theodore H Lindsay, Tod R Thiele, Eduardo J Izquierdo ...
Elife, 5 e12572

Associative learning on a continuum in evolved dynamical neural networks (2008)
Eduardo Izquierdo, Inman Harvey and Randall D Beer
Adaptive Behavior, 16 (6), 361-384

Analysis of a Dynamical Recurrent Neural Network Evolved for Two Qualitatively Different Tasks: Walking and Chemotaxis (2008)
Eduardo Izquierdo and Thomas Bührmann

Is an embodied system ever purely reactive? (2005)
Eduardo Izquierdo-Torres and Ezequiel Di Paolo
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. 252-261

The whole worm: brain–body–environment models of C. elegans (2016)
Eduardo J Izquierdo and Randall D Beer
Elsevier Current Trends. 40 23-30

Information flow through a model of the C. elegans klinotaxis circuit (2015)
Eduardo J Izquierdo, Paul L Williams and Randall D Beer
PloS one, 10 (10), e0140397

An integrated neuromechanical model of steering in C. elegans (2015)
Eduardo J Izquierdo and Randall D Beer
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Erick O Olivares, Eduardo J Izquierdo and Randall D Beer
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Collective intelligence in multi-agent robotics: Stigmergy, self-organization and evolution (2004)
Eduardo Izquierdo-Torres
University of Sussex,

Hebbian Learning using Fixed Weight Evolved Dynamical 'Neural' Networks (2007)
Eduardo Izquierdo-Torres and Inman Harvey
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Analysis of ultrastability in small dynamical recurrent neural networks (2013)
Eduardo Izquierdo, Miguel Aguilera and Randall Beer
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