Eli Blevis

Eli Blevis

Professor, Informatics


  • Ph.D. Computing & Information Sciences, Queen's University at Kingston, Canada

Representative publications

Sustainable interaction design: invention & disposal, renewal & reuse (2007)
Eli Blevis
ACM. 503-512

Understanding and mitigating the effects of device and cloud service design decisions on the environmental footprint of digital infrastructure (2016)
Chris Preist, Daniel Schien and Eli Blevis
ACM. 1324-1337

Collapse informatics and practice: Theory, method, and design (2013)
Bill Tomlinson, Eli Blevis, Bonnie Nardi, Donald J Patterson, M Silberman and Yue Pan
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI), 20 (4), 24

Understanding why we preserve some things and discard others in the context of interaction design (2009)
William Odom, James Pierce, Erik Stolterman and Eli Blevis
ACM. 1053-1062

Energy aware dwelling: a critical survey of interaction design for eco-visualizations (2008)
James Pierce, William Odom and Eli Blevis
ACM. 8-Jan

Environmental sustainability and interaction (2007)
Jennifer C Mankoff, Eli Blevis, Alan Borning, Alan Borning, Batya Friedman, Susan R Fussell ...
ACM. 2121-2124

Sustainable millennials: attitudes towards sustainability and the material effects of interactive technologies (2008)
Kristin Hanks, William Odom, David Roedl and Eli Blevis
ACM. 333-342

Collapse informatics: augmenting the sustainability & ICT4D discourse in HCI (2012)
Bill Tomlinson, Michael Silberman, Donald Patterson, Yue Pan and Eli Blevis
ACM. 655-664

Some computer science issues in creating a sustainable world (2008)
Jennifer Mankoff, Robin Kravets and Eli Blevis
Computer, 41 (8), 102-105

Constructing learning environments for complex social skills (1994)
Alex Kass, Robin Burke, Eli Blevis and Mary Williamson
The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 3 (4), 387-427

How deep is your love: Deep narratives of ensoulment and heirloom status (2011)
Heekyoung Jung, Shaowen Bardzell, Eli Blevis, James Pierce and Erik Stolterman
International Journal of Design, 5 (1),

Ensoulment and sustainable interaction design (2007)
Eli Blevis¹ and Erik Stolterman¹
Proceedings of IASDR, Hongkong,

Making food, producing sustainability (2010)
Tad Hirsch, Phoebe Sengers, Eli Blevis, Richard Beckwith and Tapan Parikh
ACM. 3147-3150

Fashion thinking: Fashion practices and sustainable interaction design (2015)
Yue Pan, David Roedl, Eli Blevis and John Thomas
International Journal of Design, 9 (1),

FEATURE transcending disciplinary boundaries in interaction design (2009)
Eli Blevis and Erik Stolterman
interactions, 16 (5), 48-51