Eatai Roth

Eatai Roth

Assistant Professor, Intelligent Systems Engineering


  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, 2012
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering at University of Pittsburgh, 2005
  • BFA in Painting at Washington University in St. Louis, 2001

Representative publications

Toward experimental validation of a model for human sensorimotor learning and control in teleoperation (2017)
Eatai Roth, Darrin Howell, Cydney Beckwith and Samuel A Burden
International Society for Optics and Photonics. 10194 101941X

Honeybees in a virtual reality environment learn unique combinations of colour and shape (2017)
Claire Rusch, Eatai Roth, Clément Vinauger and Jeffrey A Riffell
Journal of Experimental Biology, 220 (19), 3478-3487

Integration of parallel mechanosensory and visual pathways resolved through sensory conflict (2016)
Eatai Roth, Robert W Hall, Thomas L Daniel and Simon Sponberg
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113 (45), 12832-12837

A comparative approach to closed-loop computation (2014)
Eatai Roth, Simon Sponberg and Noah J Cowan
Elsevier Current Trends. 25 54-62

Feedback control as a framework for understanding tradeoffs in biology (2014)
Noah J Cowan, Mert M Ankarali, Jonathan P Dyhr, Manu S Madhav, Eatai Roth, Shahin Sefati ...
American Zoologist, 54 (2), 223-237

Cellular mechanisms for integral feedback in visually guided behavior (2014)
Bettina Schnell, Peter T Weir, Eatai Roth, Adrienne L Fairhall and Michael H Dickinson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111 (15), 5700-5705

A task-level model for optomotor yaw regulation in drosophila melanogaster: A frequency-domain system identification approach (2012)
Eatai Roth, Michael B Reiser, Michael H Dickinson and Noah J Cowan

Active sensing via movement shapes spatiotemporal patterns of sensory feedback (2012)
Sarah A Stamper, Eatai Roth, Noah J Cowan and Eric S Fortune
Journal of Experimental Biology, 215 (9), 1567-1574

Task-level Models for Image-stabilization Behaviors in Animals (2012)
Eatai Roth