Elisabeth Lloyd

Elisabeth Lloyd

Distinguished Professor, History and Philosophy of Science

Professor, Biology


Representative publications

Severe Weather Event Attribution: Why values won’t go away (2019)
Eric Winsberg, Naomi Oreskes, Elisabeth Lloyd

Climate Change Attribution: When Does it Make Sense to Add Methods? (2019)
Elisabeth A Lloyd, Naomi Oreskes
Epistemology & Philosophy of Science, 56 (1), 185-201

Criteria for Holobionts from Community Genetics (2019)
Elisabeth A Lloyd, Michael J Wade
Biological Theory, 1-20

Women's Experience of Orgasm During Intercourse: Question Semantics Affect Women's Reports and Men's Estimates of Orgasm Occurrence (2018)
Talia Shirazi, Kaytlin J Renfro, Elisabeth Lloyd, Kim Wallen
Archives Of Sexual Behavior, 47 (3), 615

Climate Modelling: Philosophical and Conceptual Issues (2018)
Elisabeth A Lloyd, Eric Winsberg

Climate Change Attribution: When Is It Appropriate to Accept New Methods? (2018)
Elisabeth A Lloyd, Naomi Oreskes
Earth's Future, 6 (3), 311-325

Holobionts as Units of Selection and a Model of Their Population Dynamics and Evolution (2018)
Joan Roughgarden, Scott F Gilbert, Eugene Rosenberg, Ilana Zilber-Rosenberg, Elisabeth A Lloyd
Biological Theory, 13 (1), 44-65

Satellite Data and Climate Models (2018)
Elisabeth A Lloyd
Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. 65-71

The Role of “Complex” Empiricism in the Debates About Satellite Data and Climate Models (2018)
Elisabeth A Lloyd
Climate Modelling, (), 137-173

Differences in orgasm frequency among gay, lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual men and women in a US national sample (2018)
David A Frederick, H Kate St John, Justin R Garcia, Elisabeth A Lloyd
Archives of sexual behavior, 47 (1), 273-288

The ‘Alice in Wonderland’mechanics of the rejection of (climate) science: simulating coherence by conspiracism (2018)
Stephan Lewandowsky, John Cook, Elisabeth Lloyd
Synthese, 195 (1), 175-196

Assessing climate change impacts on extreme weather events: the case for an alternative (Bayesian) approach (2017)
Michael E Mann, Elisabeth A Lloyd, Naomi Oreskes
Climatic Change, 144 (2), 131-142

Multilevel Selection and Units of Selection Up and Down the Biological Hierarchy (2017)
Elisabeth A Lloyd
The Routledge Handbook of Evolution and Philosophy, 19-34

Orgasms and Objectification (2017)
Elisabeth A Lloyd
Archives of sexual behavior, 46 (5), 1191-1194

Exaptation Revisited: Changes Imposed by Evolutionary Psychologists and Behavioral Biologists (2017)
Elisabeth A Lloyd, Stephen Jay Gould
Biological Theory, 12 (1), 50-65

Dissertation Committee Service

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Ekbia, H. R. AI Dreams and Discourse: Science and Engineering in Tension (August 2003) Hofstadter, D. R. (Co-Chair), Kling, R., Leake, D. B., Lloyd, E. A., Smith, B. C. (Co-Chair)