Margaret Dolinsky

Margaret Dolinsky

Associate Professor, Digital Art


Research interests

I create interactive immersive environments by combining computer technology and art in order to provide visitors with aesthetic experiences that emphasize shifts in cognition and perception.

Representative publications

Lvis-digital library visualizer (2000)
Katy Borner, Andrew Dillon and Margaret Dolinsky
IEEE. 77-81

Ygdrasil—a framework for composing shared virtual worlds (2003)
Dave Pape, Josephine Anstey, Margaret Dolinsky and Edward J Dambik
Future Generation Computer Systems, 19 (6), 1041-1049

Collaborative virtual environments art exhibition (2005)
Margaret Dolinsky, Josephine Anstey, Dave E Pape, Julieta C Aguilera, Helen-Nicole Kostis and Daria Tsoupikova
International Society for Optics and Photonics. 5664 641-652

Creating art through virtual environments (1997)
Margaret Dolinsky
ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics, 31 (4), 34-ff.

Reordering virtual reality: recording and recreating real-time experiences (2012)
Margaret Dolinsky, William Sherman, Eric Wernert and Yichen Catherine Chi
International Society for Optics and Photonics. 8289 82890H

Transformative navigation: energizing imagery for perceptual shifts (2009)
Margaret Dolinsky
Technoetic Arts, 7 (1), 49-64

The renaissance of VR: are we going to do it right this time? (2015)
Carolina Cruz-Neira, Margaret Dolinsky, Jaron Lanier, Ronald Azuma, Elizabeth Baron and Carolina Cruz-Neira
ACM. 1

Visual navigation structures in collaborative virtual environments (2004)
Margaret Dolinsky
International Society for Optics and Photonics. 5291 517-524

Dream grrls: metaphors (1997)
Margaret Dolinsky and Girt Sehmisch
ACM. 129

3.2 Sharing Virtual Reality Environments across the International Grid (iGrid) (2006)
Margaret Dolinsky
Engineering Nature: Art & Consciousness in the Post-biological Era,

Artist Round Tables (2004)
Roy Ascott, Donna Cox, Margaret Dolinsky, Diane Gromala, Marcos Novak, Miroslaw Rogala ...
ACM. 131-134

The Living Canvas: Interactive Chloroplasts (2017)
Margaret Dolinsky and Roger P Hangarter
Leonardo, 50 (2), 207-208

Facing experience: a painter’s canvas in virtual reality (2014)
Margaret Dolinsky
Plymouth University.

Interfectio puerorum: digital projections and the 12th century fleury's massacre (2007)
Margaret Dolinsky and Timothy Nelson
ACM. 249-250

Inverse perspective (2006)
Margaret Dolinsky
International Society for Optics and Photonics. 6055 60551U