Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis

Professor, Linguistics


Representative publications

A Construction Approach to Innovative Verbs in Japanese (2011)
Natsuko Tsujimura and Stuart Davis
Cognitive Linguistics, 22 797-823

A Note on the Loanword Tonology of Kyungsang Korean Dialects (2010)
Stuart Davis
Thaehaksa Publishing Co. 46-62

Arabic Hypocoristics and the Status of the Consonantal Root (2001)
Stuart Davis and Bushra Zawaydeh
Linguistic Inquiry, 32 512-520

Bondu Vowel Harmony: A Descriptive Analysis with Theoretical Implications (2012)
Abbie Hantgan and Stuart Davis
Studies in African Linguistics, 41 187-212

Decomposing the Syllable Contact Asymmetry in Korean (2008)
Karen Baertsch and Stuart Davis
Kurosio. 27-47

Developmental Paths in the Acquisition of Japanese Liquids: An Optimality-Theoretic Perspective (2005)
Isao Ueda and Stuart Davis
Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. 2.1 117-135

Distributional Evidence for the Foot from the L1 Acquisition of American English (2010)
Stuart Davis
Phonological Studies, 13 1-12

Dragon Ash and the Reinterpretation of Hip Hop: On the Notion of Rhyme in Japanese Hip Hop (2009)
Natsuko Tsujimura and Stuart Davis
Routledge. 179-193

English Loanwords and the Word Final [t] Problem in Korean (2006)
Stuart Davis and Hyunsook Kang
Language Research, 42 253-274

Evidence for Accentless Words in South Kyungsang Korean (2010)
Dongmyung Lee and Stuart Davis
Studies in Phoneitcs, Phonology and Morphology, 16 245-258

Formal Versus Functional Explanation for a Universal Theory of Syllable Structure (2012)
Stuart Davis and Karen Baertsch
Journal of Universal Language, 13 7-34

Francis Lieber's Americanisms as an Early Source on Southern Speech (2015)
Stuart Davis
University of Alabama Press. 166-181

Geminate Representation in Arabic (2014)
Stuart Davis and Marwa Ragheb
John Benjamins. 25 3-19

Geminates (2011)
Stuart Davis
Wiley-Blackwell. 2 837-859

Language Games, Segment Imposition, and the Syllable (2000)
Robert Botne and Stuart Davis
Studies in Language, 24 319-344