Chien-Jer Charles Lin

Chien-Jer Charles Lin

Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Associate Professor, Linguistics

Associate Professor, Cognitive Science


  • The University of Arizona

Research interests

Psychology of Language, Cognitive Neuroscience of Language, Sentence Processing, Chinese Linguistics


  • Indiana University Trustee's Teaching Award

Representative publications

Subject preference in the processing of relative clauses in Chinese (2006)
Chien-Jer Charles Lin and Thomas G Bever
Proceedings of the 25th west coast conference on formal linguistics, 254-260

The subject-relative advantage in Chinese: Evidence for expectation-based processing (2015)
Lena Jäger, Zhong Chen, Qiang Li, Chien-Jer Charles Lin and Shravan Vasishth
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Chien-Jer Charles Lin
The University of Arizona..

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Chien-Jer Charles Lin and Thomas G Bever
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Chien-Jer Charles Lin
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Chien-Jer Charles Lin and Kathleen Ahrens
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C Lin and T Bever
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Chien-Jer Charles Lin
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Chien-Jer Charles Lin, Sandiway Fong and Thomas G Bever
Proceedings of the 19th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation, 143-154

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Chien-Jer Charles Lin and Thomas G Bever
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Chien-Jer Charles Lin
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Comprehending Chinese relative clauses in context: Thematic patterns and grammatical functions (2010)
Chien-Jer Charles Lin
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