Edward Castronova

Edward Castronova

Professor, Department of Telecommunications


Representative publications

Synthetic worlds: The business and culture of online games (2008)
Edward Castronova
University of Chicago press.

Virtual worlds: A first-hand account of market and society on the cyberian frontier (2001)
Edward Castronova
CESifo working paper series. (618),

Exodus to the virtual world: How online fun is changing reality (2008)
Edward Castronova
Palgrave Macmillan.

On virtual economies (2002)
Edward Castronova
CESifo Working Paper Series. (752),

The right to play (2004)
Edward Castronova
NYL Sch. L. Rev., 49 185

As real as real? Macroeconomic behavior in a large-scale virtual world (2009)
Edward Castronova, Dmitri Williams, Cuihua Shen, Rabindra Ratan, Li Xiong, Yun Huang ...
New Media & Society, 11 (5), 685-707

On the research value of large games: Natural experiments in Norrath and Camelot (2006)
Edward Castronova
Games and Culture, 1 (2), 163-186

Theory of the Avatar (2003)
Edward Castronova
Cesifo working paper series. (863),

In the frame of the magic cycle: The circle (s) of gameplay (2008)
Dominic Arsenault and Bernard Perron
Routledge. 131-154

Exodus to the virtual world (2007)
Edward Castronova

A test of the law of demand in a virtual world: Exploring the petri dish approach to social science (2009)
Edward Castronova, Mark W Bell, Robert Cornell, James J Cummings, Will Emigh, Matthew Falk ...
International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations (IJGCMS), 1 (2), 1-16

Virtual economies: Design and analysis (2014)
Vili Lehdonvirta and Edward Castronova
MIT Press.

Immigrants, natives and social assistance: comparable take-up under comparable circumstances (2001)
Edward J Castronova, Hilke Kayser, Joachim R Frick and Gert G Wagner
International Migration Review, 35 (3), 726-748

The price of bodies: A hedonic pricing model of avatar attributes in a synthetic world (2004)
Edward Castronova
Kyklos, 57 (2), 173-196

The price of'man'and'woman': A hedonic pricing model of avatar attributes in a synthethic world (2003)
Edward Castronova
CESifo Working Paper Series. (957),

Dissertation Committee Service

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Ross, Travis Steering Social Behavior in Online Video Games: A Calibration and Test of The Rational Reconstruction of Norms in a Multiplayer Dungeon Crawl (November 2013) Castronova, E. (Chair), Lang, A., Goldstone, R., Weaver, A.