Ben Motz

Ben Motz

Research Scientist, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Faculty Fellow for Academic Analytics, UITS


  • Ph.D., Cognitive Science, Indiana University Bloomington, 2018
  • M.S., Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego, 2005
  • B.S., Cognitive Science with minor in Psychology, Indiana University, 2002

Representative publications

ManyClasses 1: Assessing the generalizable effect of immediate versus delayed feedback across many college classes (2019)
Emily Fyfe, Joshua de Leeuw, Paulo Carvalho, Robert Goldstone and Benjamin Motz

Self‐regulated studying behavior, and the social norms that influence it (2018)
Julie R Eyink, Benjamin A Motz, Gordon Heltzel and Torrin M Liddell
Journal of Applied Social Psychology,

Embedding Experiments: Staking Causal Inference in Authentic Educational Contexts (2018)
Benjamin A Motz, Paulo F Carvalho, Joshua R de Leeuw and Robert L Goldstone
Journal of Learning Analytics, 5 (2), 47-59

A dissociation between engagement and learning: Enthusiastic instructions fail to reliably improve performance on a memory task (2017)
Benjamin A Motz, Joshua R. de Leeuw, Paulo F. Carvalho, Kaley L. Liang and Robert L. Goldstone
PLoS ONE, 12 (7), e0181775

An in vivo study of self-regulated study sequencing in introductory psychology courses (2016)
Paulo F Carvalho, David W Braithwaite, Joshua R de Leeuw, Benjamin A Motz and Robert L Goldstone
PloS one, 11 (3), e0152115

The Cognitive Costs of Context: The Effects of Concreteness and Immersiveness in Instructional Examples (2015)
Samuel Day, Benjamin Motz and Robert Goldstone
Frontiers in Psychology, 6 (1876), 13-Jan

Know thy students: Providing aggregate student data to instructors (2015)
Benjamin A Motz, Julie Anne Teague and Linda Shepard
EDUCAUSE Review Online,