Brielle Stark

Brielle Stark

Assistant Professor, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Director, Neural Research Lab

Cognitive and Clinical Core Faculty, Program in Neuroscience


  • Ph.D. Clinical Neuroscience, Cambridge University (UK), 2016
  • B.A. Psychology, Neural & Behavioral Science, Bryn Mawr College, 2012

Research interests

Evaluation of language and cognition in typical aging and after brain injury (e.g. stroke, traumatic brain injury), with a specialty in aphasia

Understanding brain structure and function underlying language in aphasia and in typical aging through the use of MRI (e.g. fMRI, DTI/DWI/DKI, lesion analysis)

Evaluating and improving upon the psychometric properties and outcomes of connected speech / spoken discourse – in aphasia


  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation New Investigator Grant, 2019-2020
  • Indiana CTSI Core Facilities pilot grant, 2018-2020
  • Indiana University Faculty Research Seed Funding, 2018-2019

Representative publications

Improved language in chronic aphasia after self-delivered iPad speech therapy (2018)
Brielle C Stark and Elizabeth A Warburton
Neuropsychological rehabilitation, 28 (5), 818-831

Inner speech's relationship with overt speech in poststroke aphasia (2017)
Brielle C Stark, Sharon Geva and Elizabeth A Warburton
Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 60 (9), 2406-2415

Removal of artifacts from resting-state fMRI data in stroke (2018)
Grigori Yourganov, Julius Fridriksson, Brielle Stark and Christopher Rorden
NeuroImage: Clinical, 17 297-305

BDNF genotype and tDCS interaction in aphasia treatment (2018)
Julius Fridriksson, Jordan Elm, Brielle C Stark, Alexandra Basilakos, Chris Rorden, Souvik Sen ...
Brain stimulation, 11 (6), 1276-1281

Transcranial direct current stimulation to treat aphasia: Longitudinal analysis of a randomized controlled trial (2019)
Julius Fridriksson, Alexandra Basilakos, Brielle C Stark, Chris Rorden, Jordan Elm, Michelle Gottfried ...
Brain Stimulation: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in Neuromodulation, 12 (1), 190-191

Non-fluent speech following stroke is caused by impaired efference copy (2017)
Lynda Feenaughty, Alexandra Basilakos, Leonardo Bonilha, Dirk-Bart den Ouden, Chris Rorden, Brielle Stark ...
Cognitive neuropsychology, 34 (6), 333-346

A comparison of three discourse elicitation methods in aphasia and age-matched adults: implications for language assessment and outcome (2019)
Brielle C Stark
American journal of speech-language pathology, 17-Jan

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor genotype–specific differences in cortical activation in chronic aphasia (2019)
Sigfus Kristinsson, Grigori Yourganov, Feifei Xiao, Leonardo Bonilha, Brielle C Stark, Chris Rorden ...
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. 62 (11), 3923-3936

Long-range fibre damage in small vessel brain disease affects aphasia severity (2019)
Janina Wilmskoetter, Barbara Marebwa, Alexandra Basilakos, Julius Fridriksson, Chris Rorden, Brielle C Stark ...
Brain, 142 (10), 3190-3201

Neural organization of speech production: A lesion-based study of error patterns in connected speech (2019)
Brielle C Stark, Alexandra Basilakos, Gregory Hickok, Chris Rorden, Leonardo Bonilha and Julius Fridriksson
Cortex, 117 228-246

Brain Damage Associated with Impaired Sentence Processing in Acute Aphasia (2019)
Sigfus Kristinsson, Helga Thors, Grigori Yourganov, Sigridur Magnusdottir, Haukur Hjaltason, Brielle C Stark ...
Journal of cognitive neuroscience, 16-Jan

Standardizing assessment of spoken discourse in aphasia: A working group with deliverables (2019)
Brielle C Stark, Manaswita Dutta, Laura Murray, Lucy Bryant, Davida Fromm, Brian MacWhinney ...

Leukoaraiosis Is Associated With a Decline in Language Abilities in Chronic Aphasia (2019)
Alexandra Basilakos, Brielle C Stark, Lisa Johnson, Chris Rorden, Grigori Yourganov, Leonardo Bonilha ...
Neurorehabilitation and neural repair, 33 (9), 718-729

Abstract# 140: BDNF Genotype and tDCS Interaction in Aphasia Therapy (2019)
Julius Fridriksson, Jordan Elm, Brielle C Stark, Alexandra Basilakos, Chris Rorden, Souvik Sen ...
Brain Stimulation: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in Neuromodulation, 12 (2), e48