• Ph.D. from the Centre of Music and Science at the University of Cambridge, 2015
  • Currently accepting graduate students

Research interests

Goldman’s research considers how scientific methods can be used to learn about musical perception and cognition in principle, and he also designs and conducts behavioral and neuroscientific experiments with musicians. His research has primarily focused on improvisation in music and dance, but he has also worked on projects concerning the perception of musical form, embodiment in music, musical syntax, and corpus studies.

Professional Experience

  • Goldman co-directs IU's Music and Mind Lab.
  • Andrew Goldman is assistant professor of music (music theory) at the Jacobs School of Music and assistant professor of cognitive science in the College of Arts and Sciences at IU.
  • Goldman was in the inaugural cohort of Presidential Scholars in Society and Neuroscience at Columbia University and held a postdoctoral position with the Music, Cognition, and the Brain initiative at Western University before joining the faculty at IU.
  • Also a pianist and composer, Goldman’s original musical, Science! The Musical, provides an alternate platform to explore the worlds of music and science. Songs include “The Interdisciplinary Rag,” “The Real World,” “Publish or Perish,” and more!


  • Goldman's work has been published in both music and psychology journals and has been presented at national and international conferences, including the Society for Music Theory, International Conference for Music Perception and Cognition, and American Psychological Association.

Representative publications

Reassessing Syntax-Related ERP Components Using Popular Music Chord Sequences: A Model-Based Approach (2021)
Andrew Goldman, Peter M.C. Harrison, Tyreek Jackson and Marcus T. Pearce
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Interval patterns are dependent on metrical position in jazz solos (2021)
Andrew Goldman and Peter Cross
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Improvisation as a way of knowing (2016)
Andrew Goldman
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Improvisation experience predicts how musicians categorize musical structures (2020)
Andrew Goldman, Tyreek Jackson and Paul Sajda
Psychology of Music, 48 (1), 18-34

Towards a cognitive-scientific research program for improvisation: Theory and an experiment (2013)
Andrew Goldman
Psychomusicology: Music, Mind, and Brain, 23 (4), 210-221

Live coding helps to distinguish between embodied and propositional improvisation (2019)
Andrew Goldman
Journal of New Music Research, 48 (3), 281-293

Contact Improvisation Dance Practice Predicts Greater Mu Rhythm Desynchronization During Action Observation (2019)
Andrew Goldman, Thomas Colleen and Paul Sajda
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Hand Shape Familiarity Affects Guitarists’ Perception of Sonic Congruence (2019)
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