Adam Maltese

Adam Maltese

Adjunct Faculty, Geological Sciences

Associate Professor, Science Education


Representative publications

Planning early for careers in science (2006)
Robert H Tai, Christine Qi Liu, Adam V Maltese and Xitao Fan
Science, 312 (5777), 1143-1144

Pipeline persistence: Examining the association of educational experiences with earned degrees in STEM among US students (2011)
Adam V Maltese and Robert H Tai
Science education, 95 (5), 877-907

Eyeballs in the fridge: Sources of early interest in science (2010)
Adam V Maltese and Robert H Tai
International Journal of Science Education, 32 (5), 669-685

The nature of experiences responsible for the generation and maintenance of interest in STEM (2014)
Adam V Maltese, Christina S Melki and Heidi L Wiebke
Science Education, 98 (6), 937-962

When is homework worth the time? Evaluating the association between homework and achievement in high school science and math (2012)
Adam V Maltese, Robert H Tai and Xitao Fan
The High School Journal, 52-72

Investigating aspects of data visualization literacy using 20 information visualizations and 273 science museum visitors (2016)
Katy Börner, Adam Maltese, Russell Nelson Balliet and Joe Heimlich
Information Visualization, 15 (3), 198-213

Undergraduate research experiences from a longitudinal perspective (2011)
Joseph A Harsh, Adam V Maltese and Robert H Tai
Journal of College Science Teaching, 41 (1), 84

Breaking from Tradition: Unfulfilled Promises of Block Scheduling in Science (2007)
Adam V Maltese, Kirsten M Dexter, Robert H Tai and Philip M Sadler
Science Educator, 16 (1), 7-Jan

Persistence in STEM: An investigation of the relationship between high school experiences in science and mathematics and college degree completion in STEM fields (2008)
Adam V Maltese

A perspective of gender differences in chemistry and physics undergraduate research experiences (2012)
Joseph A Harsh, Adam V Maltese and Robert H Tai
Journal of Chemical Education, 89 (11), 1364-1370

Data visualization literacy: Investigating data interpretation along the novice—expert continuum (2015)
Adam V Maltese, Joseph A Harsh and Dubravka Svetina
Journal of College Science Teaching, 45 (1), 84-90

The consequences of “school improvement”: Examining the association between two standardized assessments measuring school improvement and student science achievement (2012)
Adam V Maltese and Craig D Hochbein
Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 49 (6), 804-830

“Failure Is a Major Component of Learning Anything”: The Role of Failure in the Development of STEM Professionals (2017)
Amber Simpson and Adam Maltese
Journal of Science Education and Technology, 26 (2), 223-237

A Study of the Association of Autonomy and Achievement on Performance (2007)
Robert H Tai, Philip M Sadler and Adam V Maltese
Science Educator, 16 (1), 22-28

What are students doing during lecture? Evidence from new technologies to capture student activity (2016)
Adam V Maltese, Joshua A Danish, Ryan M Bouldin, Joseph A Harsh and Branden Bryan
International Journal of Research & Method in Education, 39 (2), 208-226