Ann-Sophie Barwich

Ann-Sophie Barwich

Assistant Professor, History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science


  • Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Exeter, 2013
  • M.A., Philosophy and Literature Theory, Humboldt-University, Berlin, 2009

Research interests

Sensory Perception and Psychology; History and Philosophy of Neuroscience; Olfaction

Representative publications

A Critique of Olfactory Objects (2019)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
Frontiers in Psychology, 10

The Value of Failure in Science: The Story of Grandmother Cells in Neuroscience (2019)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
Frontiers in Neuroscience,

Measuring the World: Olfaction as a Process Model of Perception (2018)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
Everything Flows: Towards a processual philosophy of biology,

Up the Nose of the Beholder? Aesthetic Perception in Olfaction as a Decision-Making Process (2017)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
New Ideas in Psychology, (47), 157-165

How to be rational about empirical success in ongoing science: The case of the quantum nose and its critics (2018)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 69 40-51

The manipulability of what? The history of G-protein coupled receptors (2017)
Ann-Sophie Barwich and Karim Bschir
Biology & Philosophy, 32 (6), 1317-1339

What is so special about smell? Olfaction as a model system in neurobiology (2016)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
The Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine. 92 (1083), 27-33

Sensory measurements: coordination and standardization (2015)
Ann-Sophie Barwich and Hasok Chang
Biological Theory, 10 (3), 200-211

Is Captain Kirk a natural blonde?: Do X-ray crystallographers dream of electron clouds? Comparing model-based inferences in science with fiction (2017)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
Routledge. 62-79

Making sense of smell (2016)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
The Philosophers' Magazine, (73), 41-47

Bending molecules or bending the Rules? The application of theoretical models in fragrance chemistry (2015)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
Perspectives on Science, 23 (4), 443-465

Fiction in Science? Exploring the Reality of Theoretical Entities (2014)
A Barwich
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A sense so rare: Measuring olfactory experiences and making a case for a process perspective on sensory perception (2014)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
Biological Theory, 9 (3), 258-268

Science and fiction: analysing the concept of fiction in science and its limits (2013)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
Journal for general philosophy of science, 44 (2), 357-373

Conscious Experience: a Logical Inquiry, by Anil Gupta (2019)
Ann-Sophie Barwich
Springer Netherlands. 8-Jan