Karen Iler Kirk

Karen Iler Kirk

Adjunct Professor, Otolaryngology, School of Medicine

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Speech and Hearing Sciences


  • Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1991

Professional experience

  • Morkovin Fellow, University of Southern California, 1986-87

Research interests

  • Speech perception and speech production by children and adults with profound hearing loss
  • Spoken word recognition and lexical access
  • Perceptual learning
  • Cochlear implants

Dissertation committee service

  • Cleary, M., Perception of Talker Differences in Normal-Hearning Children and Hearing-Impaired Children with Cochlear Implants (February 2003), Pisoni, D. B. (Co-Chair), Kirk, K. I., Kewley-Port, D. (Co-Chair), Busey, T. A.