Gary Kidd

Gary Kidd

Associate Scientist, Speech and Hearing Sciences


  • Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, Ohio State University, 1984

Research interests

Auditory perception

My interests are in auditory perception and cognition. My work has included studies of the perception of complex non-speech sounds, speech perception, music perception, and individual differences in auditory capabilities. A major theme has been the identification of the role of temporal structure in the discrimination and identification of auditory patterns.

Dissertation committee service

  • Gygi, B., Factors in the Identification of Environmental Sounds (July 2001), Watson, C. S. (Co-Chair), Craig, J. C., Kidd, G. R., Port, R. F., Robinson, D. E. (Co-Chair)
  • Drennan, W. R., Sources of Variation in Profile Analysis: Individual Differences, Extended Training, Roving Level, Component Spacing and Dynamic Contour (November 1998), Watson, C. (Co-Chair), Robinson, D. (Co-Chair), Kewley-Port, D., Kidd, G. R., Eddins, D. A.