Kenneth de Jong

Kenneth de Jong

Professor, Linguistics

Professor, Cognitive Science

Adjunct Professor, Second Language Studies


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Representative publications

Nagao, K. & de Jong, K. (2007). Perceptual Rate Normalization in Naturally Produced Rate-varied Speech. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 120, 2882-2898.

Clopper, C. G., Pisoni, D. B. & de Jong, K. (2005). Acoustic Characteristics of the Vowel Systems of Six Regional Varieties of American English. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 118, 1661-1676.

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Jong, K. J., Lim, B. J. & Nagao, K. (2004). The Perception of Syllable Affiliation of Singleton Stops in Repetitive Speech. Language and Speech, 47, 241-266.

de Jong, K. (2003). Temporal Constraints and Characterizing Syllable Structuring. In J. Local, R. Ogden & R. Temple (Eds.) Papers in Laboratory Phonology. 253-268. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Jong, K. J. & Zawaydeh, B. A. (2002). Comparing Stress, Lexical Focus, and Segmental Focus: Patterns of Variation in Arabic Vowel Duration. Journal of Phonetics, 30, 53-75.

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Jong, K. J. & Obeng, S. G. (2000). Labio-Palatalization in Twi: Prosodic, Contrastive, and Quantal Effects on Linguistic Micro-evolution. Language, 76(3), 174-195.

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Jong, K. J. (1998). Stress-related Variation in the Articulation of Coda Alveolar Stops: Flapping Revisited. Journal of Phonetics, 26, 283-310.

Dissertation committee service

Rojas, David, Features and Methods for Automatic Dialect Identification (May 2010), de Jong, K. (Co-Chair), Paolillo, J. (Co-Chair), Kuebler, S., Gasser, M., Chen, Y.

Silbert, Noah, Integration of Phonological Information in Obstruent Consonant Identification (May 2010), de Jong, K. (Co-Chair), Townsend, J. (Co-Chair), Lentz, J., Pisoni, D.

Kapatsinski, Vsevolod, The Architecture of Grammar in Artificial Grammar Learning: Formal Biases in the Acquisition of Morphophonology and The Nature of the Learning Task (May 2009), Pisoni, P. (Co-Chair), de Jong, K. (Co-Chair), Smith, L., Port, R.