Charles S. Watson

Charles S. Watson

Professor Emeritus, Speech and Hearing Sciences


  • Ph.D., Indiana University, 1963

Professional experience

  • Fellow, Acoustical Society of America, American Psychological Association, American Psychology Society, Sigma Xi

Research interests


  • Perception of complex sounds, speech and nonspeech
  • Psychophysical methods
  • Computer-based teaching of speech
  • Individual differences in auditory abilities in adults and children
  • Factors associated with success or failure in grades 1-3

Dissertation committee service

Author: Ferguson, S. H.
Dissertation title: Vowels in Clear and Conversational Speech: Talker Differences in Acoustic Features and Intelligibility for Normal-Hearing Listeners (July 2002)
Committee: Kweley-Port, D. (Co-Chair), Watson, C. S., Humes, L. E., Pisoni, D. B. (Co-Chair), Jong, K. D.

Author: Gygi, B.
Dissertation title: Factors in the Identification of Environmental Sounds (July 2001)
Committee: Watson, C. S. (Co-Chair), Craig, J. C., Kidd, G. R., Port, R. F., Robinson, D. E. (Co-Chair)

Author: Drennan, W. R.
Dissertation title: Sources of Variation in Profile Analysis: Individual Differences, Extended Training, Roving Level, Component Spacing and Dynamic Contour (November 1998)
Committee: Watson, C. (Co-Chair), Robinson, D. (Co-Chair), Kewley-Port, D., Kidd, G. R., Eddins, D. A.