Jeffrey  Hart

Jeffrey Hart

Professor Emeritus, Political Science


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Representative publications

The politics of international economic relations (2013)
Jeffrey A Hart and Joan Edelman Spero

Globalization and governance (1999)
Aseem Prakash and Jeffrey A Hart
Psychology Press. 1

Three approaches to the measurement of power in international relations (1976)
Jeffrey Hart
International Organization, 30 (2), 289-305

Managing new industry creation: Global knowledge formation and entrepreneurship in high technology (2002)
Thomas Murtha, Stefanie Lenway and Jeffrey Hart
Stanford University Press.

The politics of international economic relations. New York: St (1990)
Joan Edelman Spero and Jeffrey A Hart
Martin's P,

Cognitive maps of three Latin American policy makers (1977)
Jeffrey A Hart
World Politics, 30 (1), 115-140

Technology, television, and competition: The politics of digital TV (2004)
Jeffrey A Hart
Cambridge University Press.

The building of the internet: Implications for the future of broadband networks (1992)
Jeffrey A Hart, Robert R Reed and Francois Bar
Telecommunications Policy, 16 (8), 666-689

Coping with globalization (2000)
Aseem Prakash and Jeffrey A Hart

Globalization and governance: an introduction (1999)
Aseem Prakash and Jeffrey A Hart
Globalization and governance, 24-Jan

Flying geese as moving targets: Are Korea and Taiwan catching up with Japan in advanced displays? (1998)
Greg Linden, Jeffrey Hart, Stefanie Ann Lenway and Thomas P Murtha 1
Industry and Innovation, 5 (1), Nov-34

Responding to globalization An introduction (2002)
Aseem Prakash and Jeffrey A Hart
Routledge. 13-40

The relationship between defense spending and inflation (1984)
Harvey Starr, Francis W Hoole, Jeffrey A Hart and John R Freeman
Journal of Conflict Resolution, 28 (1), 103-122