Sharlene Newman

Sharlene Newman

Adjunct Professor, Psychological And Brain Sciences


  • Ph.D. 1999 University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL.Biomedical Engineering
  • M.S. 1996 University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL. Biomedical Engineering
  • B.E. 1993 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

Research interests

The focus of my research is to use fMRI and the study of language and frontal lobe processes to develop a better understanding of cortical networks. This includes not only attempting to enhance the characterization of individual cortical regions, but also obtain a better understanding of how these regions coordinate their individual processing to perform complex cognitive functions.

Professional Experience

  • Mini-Residency Program, University of Pittsburgh Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Pittsburgh, PA, 2004

Representative publications

Learning to decode cognitive states from brain images (2004)
Tom M Mitchell, Rebecca Hutchinson, Radu S Niculescu, Francisco Pereira, Xuerui Wang, Marcel Just ...
Machine learning, 57 (1-2), 145-175

Frontal and parietal participation in problem solving in the Tower of London: fMRI and computational modeling of planning and high-level perception (2003)
Sharlene D Newman, Patricia A Carpenter, Sashank Varma and Marcel Adam Just
Neuropsychologia, 41 (12), 1668-1682

Differential effects of syntactic and semantic processing on the subregions of Broca’s area (2003)
Sharlene D Newman, Marcel Adam Just, Timothy A Keller, Jennifer Roth and Patricia A Carpenter
Cognitive Brain Research, 16 (2), 297-307

Imagery in sentence comprehension: an fMRI study (2004)
Marcel Adam Just, Sharlene D Newman, Timothy A Keller, Alice McEleney and Patricia A Carpenter
Neuroimage, 21 (1), 112-124

Differences in auditory processing of words and pseudowords: An fMRI study (2001)
Sharlene D Newman and Donald Twieg
Human brain mapping, 14 (1), 39-47

Imagining material versus geometric properties of objects: an fMRI study (2005)
Sharlene D Newman, Roberta L Klatzky, Susan J Lederman and Marcel Adam Just
Cognitive Brain Research, 23 (3-Feb), 235-246

Baseline conditions and subtractive logic in neuroimaging (2001)
Sharlene D Newman, Donald B Twieg and Patricia A Carpenter
Human Brain Mapping, 14 (4), 228-235

The synchronization of the human cortical working memory network (2002)
Sharlene D Newman, Marcel Adam Just and Patricia A Carpenter
Neuroimage, 15 (4), 810-822

The effect of semantic relatedness on syntactic analysis: an fMRI study (2010)
Sharlene D Newman, Toshikazu Ikuta and Thomas Burns Jr
Brain and language, 113 (2), 51-58

Volitional control of attention and brain activation in dual task performance (2007)
Sharlene D Newman, Timothy A Keller and Marcel Adam Just
Human brain mapping, 28 (2), 109-117

An fMRI study of the Tower of London: a look at problem structure differences (2009)
Sharlene D Newman, John A Greco and Donghoon Lee
Brain research, 1286 123-132

The Tower of London: A study of the effect of problem structure on planning (2007)
Sharlene D Newman and Gregory Pittman
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 29 (3), 333-342

Cerebellum volume and eyeblink conditioning in schizophrenia (2008)
Chad R Edwards, Sharlene Newman, Andrew Bismark, Patrick D Skosnik, Brian F O'Donnell, Anantha Shekhar ...
Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 162 (3), 185-194

The effect of individual differences in working memory capacity on sentence comprehension: an fMRI study (2013)
Sharlene D Newman, Evie Malaia, Roy Seo and Hu Cheng
Brain topography, 26 (3), 458-467

Disrupted modular architecture of cerebellum in schizophrenia: a graph theoretic analysis (2014)
Dae-Jin Kim, Jerillyn S Kent, Amanda R Bolbecker, Olaf Sporns, Hu Cheng, Sharlene D Newman ...
Schizophrenia bulletin, 40 (6), 1216-1226

Dissertation Committee Service

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Soylu, Firat More than Finger Counting: Shared Resources Between Finger Tapping and Arithmetic (November 2011) Lester, F., Newman, S., Boling, E., Appelman, R.