Yoshihisa Kitagawa

Yoshihisa Kitagawa

Professor, Linguistics


Representative publications

Appeals to Prosody in Wh-interrogatives: Speakers' versus Listeners' Strategies (2012)
Yoshihisa Kitagawa and Yuki Hirose
Lingua, 122 (6), 608-641

Case Drop from Fragment Answers in Korean (2013)
Junghyoe Yoon and Yoshihisa Kitagawa
Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, 19 (1), 277-286

Copying Identity (1991)
Yoshihisa Kitagawa
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, 9 497-536

Copying Variables (2003)
Yoshihisa Kitagawa
Routledge. 28-64

Decomposing Overt Syntax (2011)
Yoshihisa Kitagawa
CSLI Publications. 61-80

Default Prosody Explains Neglected Syntactic Analyses in Japanese (2003)
Yoshihisa Kitagawa and Janet Dean Fodor
CSLI Publications. 12 12

Masked Island Effects in Japanese (2004)
Yoshihisa Kitagawa and Satoshi Tomioka
Proceedings of the Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics I — MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 46, pp, 315-329

Matrix Phenomenon on Focus in Japanese (2010)
Yoshihisa Kitagawa
Kaitakusha. 269-300

Opacity in Japanese and Korean (2002)
Ae-ryung Kim and Yoshihisa Kitagawa
CSLI Publications. 10 603-616

Production-Perception Asymmetry in Wh-scope Marking (2010)
Yuki Hirose and Yoshihisa Kitagawa
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Prosodic Faithfulness and Correspondence: Evidence from a Japanese Argot, (1996)
Junko Ito, Yoshihisa Kitagawa and R. Armin Mester
Journal of East Asian Linguistics, 5 (3), 217-294

Prosodic Influence on Syntactic Judgments (2006)
Yoshihisa Kitagawa and Janet Dean Fodor
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Prosodic Matters in Intervention Effects in Japanese: An Experimental Study (2013)
Yoshihisa Kitagawa, Katsuo Tamaoka and Satoshi Tomioka
Lingua, 124 41-63

Prosody, Syntax and Pragmatics of Wh-questions in Japanese (2005)
Yoshihisa Kitagawa
English Linguistics, 22 (2), 302-346

Selective Reproduction in NP-Ellipsis (2011)
Ock-Hwan Kim and Yoshihisa Kitagawa
CSLI Publications. 125-140