Elizabeth Schechter

Elizabeth Schechter

Associate Professor, Philosophy


  • Vassar College, B.A. English, 2001
  • University of Maryland, Ph.D. Philosophy, 2009

Research interests

psychological unity and disunity, the unity of consciousness, personal identity, cognitive neuropsychology, psychopathology

Representative publications

Individuating mental tokens: The split-brain case (2010)
Elizabeth Schechter
Philosophia, 38 (1), 195-216

Can panpsychism bridge the explanatory gap? (2006)
Peter Carruthers and Elizabeth Schechter
Journal of Consciousness Studies, 13 (11-Oct), 32-39

Two unities of consciousness (2013)
Elizabeth Schechter
European Journal of Philosophy, 21 (2), 197-218

The switch model of split-brain consciousness (2012)
Elizabeth Schechter
Philosophical Psychology, 25 (2), 203-226

The unity of consciousness: subjects and objectivity (2013)
Elizabeth Schechter
Philosophical studies, 165 (2), 671-692

The Subject in Neuropsychology: Individuating Minds in the Split‐Brain Case (2015)
Elizabeth Schechter
Mind & Language, 30 (5), 501-525

15 Partial Unity of Consciousness: A Preliminary Defense (2014)
Elizabeth Schechter
Sensory integration and the unity of consciousness, 347

Intentions and Unified Agency: Insights from the Split‐brain Phenomenon (2012)
Elizabeth Schechter
Mind & Language, 27 (5), 570-594

Persons and Psychological Frameworks A Critique of Tye (2009)
Elizabeth Schechter
Journal of Consciousness Studies, 16 (3-Feb), 141-163

Killing with kindness: nature, nurture, and the female serial killer (2010)
Elizabeth Schechter and Harold Schechter

Self-Consciousness and" Split" Brains: The Minds' I (2018)
Elizabeth Schechter
Oxford University Press.